Best Starfield Backgrounds: Our Top 5 Choices 1

Starfield has captivated players with its expansive universe and intricate gameplay mechanics. As you embark on your cosmic journey, one of the first decisions you’ll face is choosing a background for your character.

Your chosen background in Starfield not only defines your character’s initial skills but also influences your gameplay experience. This guide aims to simplify your choice by ranking the best backgrounds based on their perks and initial skills.

Our Top 5 Picks for Starfield Backgrounds:

  • Bounty Hunter: A versatile choice perfect for players who want a balanced approach to both combat and exploration.
  • Cyber Runner: Ideal for those who enjoy stealth gameplay, offering skills in hacking and evasion.
  • Diplomat: Best suited for players who prefer negotiation and social interactions over combat.
  • Combat Medic: A must-pick for those who want to focus on healing and supporting teammates.
  • Explorer: The go-to background for players interested in discovery, exploration, and resource gathering.

For a more in-depth look at each background, continue reading below.

Best Starfield Backgrounds

Bounty Hunter: The Jack-of-All-Trades

Best Starfield Backgrounds: Our Top 5 Choices 2

Initial Skills: Piloting, Targeting Control Systems, Boost Pack Training

The Bounty Hunter background is the Swiss Army knife of Starfield backgrounds. With skills in Piloting, you’ll find that controlling various spacecraft is a breeze, allowing you to chase down bounties or explore distant planets with ease. Targeting Control Systems enhance your ship’s combat capabilities, making you a formidable opponent in space skirmishes. Boost Pack Training gives you an edge during on-foot missions, allowing for quicker movement and better positioning. This background is perfect for players who want a taste of everything Starfield has to offer.

Cyber Runner: The Stealth Specialist

Best Starfield Backgrounds: Our Top 5 Choices 3

Initial Skills: Stealth, Security, Theft

The Cyber Runner background is tailor-made for players who prefer a more covert approach. The Stealth skill makes you harder to detect, allowing you to sneak past enemies or get the drop on them. Security isn’t just about protecting systems; it’s about hacking into others. This skill lets you disable alarms, open locked doors, and more. Theft enhances your pickpocketing abilities, making it easier to acquire key items without being noticed. If you enjoy stealth games like Dishonored or Splinter Cell, this background will feel right at home.

Diplomat: The Smooth Talker

Best Starfield Backgrounds: Our Top 5 Choices 4

Initial Skills: Persuasion, Commerce, Wellness

The Diplomat background is for the silver-tongued players who prefer diplomacy over combat. Persuasion allows you to influence NPC decisions, potentially avoiding conflict or gaining allies. Commerce gives you an edge in trade, letting you buy low and sell high, which is crucial for amassing wealth. Wellness provides a general health boost, making you more resilient in situations where talking won’t save you. If you enjoy role-playing and decision-making, the Diplomat background offers a unique gameplay experience.

Combat Medic: The Lifesaver

Best Starfield Backgrounds: Our Top 5 Choices 5

Initial Skills: Pistol Certification, Medicine, Wellness

The Combat Medic background is the go-to choice for players who want to focus on support roles. Pistol Certification ensures you’re no slouch in combat, allowing you to defend yourself and your team effectively. Medicine enhances the effectiveness of healing items, making you a walking health station for your team. Wellness increases your maximum health, allowing you to take more hits and stay in the fight longer. If you enjoy being the backbone of your team, keeping everyone healthy and in fighting shape, this background is for you.

Explorer: The Cosmic Cartographer

Best Starfield Backgrounds: Our Top 5 Choices 6

Initial Skills: Astrodynamics, Surveying, Geology

If your dream is to chart the unknown reaches of space, the Explorer background is your best bet. With skills focused on improving your ship’s grav drive and enhancing your ability to survey and gather resources, this background is perfect for those who want to discover every hidden corner of the Starfield universe. Astrodynamics will help you navigate through space more efficiently, while Surveying and Geology will make resource gathering a breeze.

Starfield Background FAQs

Do backgrounds affect dialogue options?

Yes, certain backgrounds will unlock unique dialogue choices in interactions with NPCs, adding depth to your role-playing experience.

Can I change my background later in the game?

No, your background is a permanent choice that sets the stage for your entire Starfield journey. Choose wisely!

How do backgrounds impact gameplay?

Your chosen background will determine your initial skill set, which can significantly influence your gameplay style. For example, a Combat Medic will have an easier time healing allies, while a Cyber Runner will excel at stealth and hacking.

Can I improve skills that aren’t part of my background?

Absolutely! While your background gives you a head start in certain skills, Starfield’s progression system allows you to improve any skill with enough time and effort.

Do backgrounds have any impact on the game’s story?

While the main storyline remains consistent, your background can influence side quests and NPC interactions, offering a more personalized experience.

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