Andraphon location in Starfield

In Starfield, resources are the backbone of your journey. Among them, aluminum and iron stand out due to their versatility in building and crafting.

This guide will lead you to a unique outpost location where both these resources are abundant.

How to Locate the Aluminium and Iron Outpost in Starfield

In the vast cosmos of Starfield, aluminium and iron are essential materials. They play a pivotal role in various crafting recipes, making them indispensable for players. While these resources are common, finding them together on the same celestial body is a rarity.

1. Starting Point – Jemison:

  • Begin your journey at Jemison, which serves as a reference point.
  • Access the Starmap and look for the Narion system.

2. Navigating to the Narion System:

  • From Jemison, set your course to the Narion system.
  • If your ship can’t make the direct jump, consider stopping at intermediate planets en route.

3. Targeting the Moon – Andraphon:

  • Within the Narion system, focus on Andraphon, a moon of Samati.
  • This moon boasts helium-3, aluminum, and iron.

4. Scouting the Ideal Outpost Location:

  • The challenge lies in finding a spot where aluminum and iron resources overlap.
  • Land on Andraphon and scout for an area that showcases both resources.
  • For reference, this outpost has four overlapping resources, including aluminum and iron.

5. Setting Up Your Outpost:

  • Once you’ve identified the perfect spot, set up your outpost.
  • Ensure it’s positioned to tap into both aluminum and iron deposits.

Once you’ve set up your outpost, you can adjust its location to ensure that you’re tapping into both aluminum and iron deposits effectively. Use the build mode to check the available resources and adjust the outpost’s position accordingly

Tips for Efficient Resource Gathering

  • Landmark Reference: Use natural landmarks on Andraphon to help locate the ideal outpost spot.
  • Expand Your Search: Andraphon is vast. Explore different regions to potentially find spots with even more overlapping resources.
  • Stay Prepared: Equip your ship and character adequately before venturing out, as the Narion system is rated level five, indicating potential challenges.

Aluminum and iron are invaluable in Starfield. By setting up an outpost on Andraphon, you ensure a steady supply of these resources, paving the way for advanced crafting and building. Remember, in the vast universe, the right resources can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

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