Stardew Valley turns players into “mayo addicts” for game-changing effects

Stardew Valley turns players into "mayo addicts" for game-changing effects 1

Stardew Valley 1.6’s new drinkable mayonnaise is probably the game-changer you never expected.

Stardew Valley is a charming farming simulation game created by ConcernedApe. This was first introduced to PC in February 2016 and has been made for mobile, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and others in the following years.

In the game, players would inherit a run-down farm from their grandfather, which they could restore. Depending on the farm map they choose during character creation, they could focus on growing crops, fishing, and caring for animals in the new Meadowlands Farm.

Many of those who chose the new farm map “Meadowlands Farm” would begin the game with a coop and two chickens, receiving 15 pieces of Hay to feed them instead of the regular Parsnips seeds. With the early-game chickens and eggs, players can make mayonnaise early on. The item also became drinkable in the newest 1.6 update, which received mixed reactions from the Stardew Valley fans.

One Reddit user had admitted that the drinkable or eatable mayonnaise was actually really good.

They shared that they are personally repulsed by mayonnaise but admitted that the change was really good for the early game. Within the first two weeks, they were able to get to level 2 Farming and collect a couple of Earth Crystals, and they were already making mayonnaise. A regular-quality mayonnaise gives 50 energy and 22 health and goes up depending on the quality. They believe that it’s a huge early-game energy source for exploring the Mines and clearing trees, rocks, and other stuff around the farm.

Another Stardew Valley player shared that mayo sells for almost 200g, 190g to be exact, for regular mayonnaise. They bought two more chickens so they could get 760g per day, even with small eggs. It’s something that can let you earn gold without wasting too much resources.

While the drinkable mayo now has its perks, let’s not forget how it can still be disgusting or horrifying for some people. A player shared that they were low on energy and remembered that mayo was consumable now, so they drank it. Evelyn was standing near them, then a speech bubble appeared saying “Did you just..?”

Of course, this calls for a little experiment of my own as I just had to see the villagers’ reactions. I went around town, visiting a few of them in their homes and drank mayonnaise in front of them. I got a few different reactions such as “Did you just…?” from Maru, “Why?!” from Robin, “Yummie!” from Linus, and Mayor Lewis just downright saying “Gross!” at my face.

Going around town, drinking mayonnaise (Level Push)

There’s no shame if you like mayo or not, whether in real life or in Stardew Valley. The mayonnaise just happens to be an early game-changer for those who need a health and energy boost especially on their Mines run. If you don’t like drinking it, then sell it or use it as an ingredient!

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