Stardew Valley players opt for monster buddy Krobus over marriage in latest trend

Stardew Valley players opt for monster buddy Krobus over marriage in latest trend 1

A Stardew Valley player insists on welcoming Krobus, the monster buddy, as their unconventional new roommate.

Since Stardew Valley’s release in 2016, players have thoroughly enjoyed its simple yet profound gameplay. Players can live their farm lives quietly or by exploring the caves’ deepest depths. They can also interact with the villagers, building social relationships with them.

Players may choose to continually improve their relationships with the game’s NPCs, eventually leading to a possible marriage with the character of their choice. There are many marriage candidates available in the game (without mods), including Abigail, Haley, Shane, and Sam.

Instead of this usual route, one Reddit user thinks there’s a better companion. In their post, the player opted to have the monster buddy Krobus move in with them instead of getting married.

Krobus is a shadow person and the only friendly monster players can interact with in Stardew Valley. Players will be able to find Krobus in the Sewers, which can be unlocked by donating 60 items to the Museum and acquiring the Rusty Key. He sells various rare items, but he could also become your newest roommate.

Having Krobus move in with you is not the easiest thing to do in the game. To have him move in, you would need to unlock the Sewers. Then, you would need to reach ten hearts by giving him gifts he loves or likes.

To get the Void Ghost Pendant, players need to complete the Vault Room in the Community Center to unlock the Desert. You could then head to the shopkeeper and buy the item with 200 void essences. Finally, give Krobus the pendant so that he would move in after three days.

Many Stardew Valley players expressed their love and adoration for Krobus. Some of them even started a new playthrough so that they could live with the character specifically. Another Reddit user shared that they only chose to have Krobus as their roommate because none of the original marriage candidates appealed to them.

If you have children from your previous marriage in the game, Krobus would be more than happy to help raise them with you. Plus, you get to hug the loveable shadow monster!

Stardew Valley Krobus
Player hugging Krobus (u/NowersOrNevers)

Stardew Valley has many secrets and surprises that many players may not know, like having Krobus live in your house. Watch out for the announcement on the release of Stardew Valley 1.6 update!

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