Stardew Valley player discovers “terrifying” horse customization option after four years

Stardew Valley player discovers "terrifying" horse customization option after four years 1

A Stardew Valley player has uncovered a “horrifying” option for horse customization four years into the game.

Stardew Valley has offered years of casual and relaxing gameplay by farming, fishing, building relationships with the people around town, restoring the community center, or siding with Joja Corporation. There are also more intense activities, such as going deep into the caves and encountering monsters.

Despite the game being more than five years old, Stardew Valley players still have more to discover. Many thought they were the only ones who could wear the hat accessories in the game until a player shared that they accidentally put one on their horse.

The Stardew Valley player who shared the photo of them riding a horse with a hat has already reached Year 4 in the game, which is a lot of time already. This would have been cute if the horse had a different hat. Instead, they ended up with the Goblin Mask, which makes it look horrifying.

Another player stated that this sight was slightly terrifying, but they couldn’t bring themselves to look away. They also shared that they put the backward cap or a beanie on their horse instead.

If you are wondering how to put a hat on your horse as well, you could do so by placing the hat in a tool or action slot and right-clicking on your horse. You could choose whichever hat is available in the game. To remove the accessory, you can place a hat on the tool slot and clicking on the horse.

Besides horses, however, you could also put hats on other unexpected things in Stardew Valley. Many players have put hats on Sea Urchins in a tank and their toddler children. You can also put a hat on a Rarecrow 3, which is the Alien. The accessory makes them look cute, fancy, or just downright horrifying.

Stardew Valley player discovers "terrifying" horse customization option after four years 2
Sea Urchin with a Cowboy hat (Trevor-On-Reddit)
Stardew Valley toddlers wearing hats
Children with ??? and Blobfish Masks (Jess_C_less)

No matter what hat you choose to put on your horse, sea urchin, toddler, or rarecrow, it will always be amusing to look at. There are more interesting-looking hats available on Stardew Valley, such as the Chicken and Skeleton Masks.

It’s always fun to discover new things, such as suddenly spawning a Prismatic Shard while planting a tree in a game that is a few years old. There are more secrets that players may uncover as they go deeper into the game or simply enjoy farming and earning money to improve their farms.

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