Stardew Valley players discover “insane” chair trick

Stardew Valley players discover "insane" chair trick 1

Stardew Valley players may think they can only use furniture to decorate their houses, but this insane chair trick opens up new possibilities!

Stardew Valley is a game in which players are free to do what they wish, whether it’s peacefully farming, adventuring in the mines, or socializing with the NPCs. They may also upgrade their homes and start decorating them with furniture.

That is the normal way to use furniture in Stardew Valley. Many also believed they could not be placed outside the house or farm area, but that’s where they were wrong.

Most players have one or two chairs in their houses to sit on, but not for this TikTok user. They placed the chair everywhere except their house. In the video, they presented three uses for the chair, ranging from normal to insane.

The first use presented was to put down chairs in place of fences. This way, the players can sit down and cross both sides, while the farm animals can’t pass through the chairs.

As convenient as it sounds, it’s actually quite hard to acquire the Catalogue. Players would need to save up 200,000 gold and buy it from the Carpenter’s Shop after upgrading their farmhouse.

Players may also use the chair to access blocked areas in the game. The chairs must be placed in a certain spot so players can reach and sit on it.

The blocked areas that can be accessed through this trick are the Secret Woods, glitch the Mines to get to the Dwarf area, and the Quarry. Using this in the Quarry can be dangerous, as players will be stuck there until they pass out.

Stardew Valley chair to Secret Woods
A chair placed to go to the Secret Woods (wendyjrjr)

The last perk of having chairs is that sitting on them freezes time in the game. If players lined up a chair pathway, they would reach the Skull Cavern by 6:00 AM.

However, they would still need a warp totem to be teleported to the desert, as the bus only arrives at 10:10 AM. This also only works in a single-player game, as time doesn’t stop in multiplayer.

Many players in the comment section were amazed by the things they could do with the chair, with one stating: “This may be the best video I’ve ever seen.” Players are still surprised by the new things they find in Stardew Valley, such as having Krobus as a roommate.

Stardew Valley may be considered old already, with it being around since 2016. Despite this, ConcernedApe is still working on the game, with the version 1.6 update in the works to bring new content for players.

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