Stardew Valley players suggest theories behind “universally hated” gift


Players of Stardew Valley have proposed theories about why the warp totem is a “universally hated” gift.

Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulator and role-playing game developed by ConcernedApe in 2016. Players may enjoy the simple farm life, go fishing or mining, and occasionally go out to town and socialize with the different villagers.

The villagers in Stardew Valley are unique in their own ways. They can be given different items as gifts, which results in varying reactions. They also have stories and lore that can be uncovered whenever we speak with them.

This was when a player shared their realizations about why the warp totems were “universally hated” gifts in the game. They recently made a comment on how Kent’s dialogue for all the hated gifts, including the totems, was “This… They gave this to me in Gotoro prison camp. I’ve been trying to forget about that. *shudder*.”

The player wondered why Kent didn’t just use the warp totems to teleport himself back to the town, to which they have an explanation. They realized that Kent may not be able to use the totem. This was further supported by Mayor Lewis not being able to see the Junimos and the villagers not mentioning the Wizard other than his friend Linus.

They believed that to use the totem, one must have a magical connection to the valley, which both the Wizard and the farmer have. To others, it doesn’t have much value other than decoration.

Another player theorized that despite Kent receiving a totem in the prison camp, he couldn’t use it as the guards may have threatened to hurt the other prisoners if he did. This seemed like psychological torture towards the character as he had the choice to leave but would bring pain to others.

Kent from Stardew Valley
Kent’s dialogue when given universally hated gifts (u/crazycatlady42)

The question of why warp totems are universally hated gifts has been around for many years. Many players wondered why they could be hated as it provided “risk-free” transportation.

A reply from another Stardew Valley player stated that using a warp totem creates a second copy of the farmer, the first being lost in oblivion. This may be another reason why the villagers hate the item.

Warp totems in Stardew Valley can be convenient, and you could use them whenever you wish, but it’s always fun to dive deep into the game’s lore and story. Stay updated with the latest Stardew Valley content as players wait for the 1.6 update!

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