Stardew Valley players speculate whether update 1.6’s “new items” include crops

Stardew Valley players speculate whether update 1.6's "new items" include crops 1

Stardew Valley fans wonder if the upcoming 1.6 update will introduce new crops to the game.

Stardew Valley, the popular indie farming simulation game developed by ConcernedApe, will be getting its 1.6 update soon. Players assume the role of a farmer who inherited their grandfather’s run-down farm, where they could start growing their crops and make it their livelihood.

In the game, there are already a lot of crops that players can choose to plant and grow. This ranges from vegetables and fruits to flowers, which could be planted during their respective seasons. There are currently 40+ crops and trees in the game.

Despite the abundance of crops and trees, some players wish to see new ones. In a Reddit post, a fan hoped that “new items” would be a catch-all that would include crops.

In continuation, they expressed that having new flowers would be cool. These could be native to the Calico Desert and Ginger Island. They also would like to see cocoa beans, as it was weird for them to make chocolate cakes without the main ingredient.

The other players also listed the crops they wish to see in the new update. One wanted to have lettuce, carrots, pears, and plums, to name a few. They also wished that there was a reason why players should grow a cherry besides its use to acquire the shipping achievement. They would like to have a new recipe or have a villager love cherries.

Another player agreed they’d also want to have carrots in the game but also shared that they wished to have a pumpkin or melon equivalent that only grows in Ginger Island.

Stardew Valley crops
Crops in Stardew Valley (sonjafebruary)

While many of the players had many ideas regarding what crops they wished to have in the 1.6 update, some didn’t care what they got as long as they could feed them to their animals.

Another fan expressed that their only complaint was not being able to interact with the animals they spend the most time with. However, players could put hats on their horses.

There are many new features in Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update, such as a major festival and new outfits for the villagers. The update will be coming to PC in March 2024, and other platforms will follow suit.

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