Stardew Valley players divided over gifting beers to bus driver Pam

Stardew Valley Pam Bus Stop

A Stardew Valley player started a debate after sharing their routine of giving Pam beers whenever they see her at the bus stop.

In Stardew Valley, players can enjoy farm life and live quietly, but the game also prompts them to meet the people around town. They can socialize with the villagers by talking to them daily and giving them gifts to raise their relationship.

Each villager in the game reacts differently to gifts. There are universally loved, liked, neutral, disliked, and hated gifts, but they also have their own unique tastes. Some, like Jodi, absolutely hate Daffodils, but others, like Caroline, Leah, and Haley, like receiving them.

A Stardew Valley player shared on Reddit that part of their routine is to pass by the bus stop to give Pam a beer to raise their relationship. This made them question their actions, as she was supposed to drive the bus to the Desert.

A Reddit user shared that Pam sometimes sends them a beer in their mail. They would head to the bus stop and give her the same beer, jokingly saying that she never remembered it was from her.

One player reasoned that Pam doesn’t drive in the busy parts of town and that she was a seasoned alcoholic, so she might’ve already drunk an alcoholic beverage before going to the bus stop. They reassured the original poster that they weren’t sending her to the edge and could just use a warp totem to keep her off the roads.

Stardew Valley Pam
Pam waiting at the bus stop (Yatagarasu616)

Among all of this, others give Pam the alternative things that she loves, such as Parsnips and Cactus Fruit, which are relatively easy to get. This player would like to believe she would snack on the root vegetable instead of being drunk. At the same time, there are others who even give her a beer when they are already unconscious.

Players were relieved to know that others do the same thing. Some even pointed out that it helps her keep the “shakes” under control, allowing her to drive. There are also the ones who believe that Pam keeps the beer until she reaches her destination before drinking it.

Whether you give Pam alcoholic drinks or root vegetables is ultimately up to you. While checking out other Stardew Valley content, make sure to see this “insane” chair trick that you could use!

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