Stardew Valley player’s “impressive” truffle farm amazes fans

Stardew Valley pig farm

One Stardew Valley player’s truffle farm has been hailed as “amazing” by fans.

Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulation game developed by ConcernedApe and released in February 2016. Despite its age, the game continuously receives updates, with the awaited 1.6 update coming this March.

Players assume the role of a farmer who inherited their grandfather’s farm. They must then make the farm prosper, connect with the world’s villagers, and earn profit from their crops, animal products, and other items.

While many players enjoy growing their crops and exploring the different locations in the game to forage, some are fond of caring for animals, such as chickens and pigs.

A Stardew Valley player shared their own pig truffle farm on Reddit, showing approximately 13 barns and a lot of truffles scattered on the ground. Truffles are one of the best animal products to sell for the most profit, with a whopping 625g per truffle.

With the overwhelming number of pigs and other animals on their farm, one Reddit user asked how the player kept them fed. The poster revealed that they have ten silos which are always full, and cover their entire farm with grass starters per week. They also use the tractor mod to aid them with the grass starters.

Many players shared that they were impressed with the poster’s pig farm setup but said they’d be annoyed to pick everything up. The poster also uses the Pickup by Scythe mod to make things easier for them.

Another Stardew Valley player said they’d silently welcome winter and rainy days with the daily pig farm grind. It’s known that crops cannot grow during the winter, so it’s especially hard to earn during that season. This is where barns and coops come in handy!

Stardew Valley’s animals are amazing creatures, and their products are also impressive in terms of profits. Definitely stay tuned as we wait for the 1.6 update coming soon!

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