Stardew Valley fans pinpoint “wasted potential” of forgotten game area

Stardew Valley

A certain location in Stardew Valley made fans question why ConcernedApe didn’t do more with it, emphasizing its “wasted potential.”

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator developed by ConcernedApe or Eric Barone and was first released in 2016. Players become the new farmer in town and have the freedom to farm, mine, fish, or explore the different locations within the game.

Upon arrival, the players would begin on their grandfather’s farm as they have inherited it. Besides this, there are many areas that the players can visit, such as Pelican Town, the Desert, Ginger Island, and the Mountains, among others. All of these locations have varying establishments which have their uses.

The Spa in Stardew Valley is one of the many establishments that could help the farmer, especially in the early game, but players believe it has “wasted potential.”

Players can enter the spa, pass through the male or female changing rooms, and stay still in the pool to regain their energy and health by 10 points per second. Other than this, there’s no other use for the location.

As stated by the poster, they couldn’t understand why ConcernedApe didn’t do more for the Spa besides the 8-heart event for Penny. They hoped that future updates would bring more content involving the area. The player also pointed out that players do regain energy and health, but it’s much easier to eat something. They proposed that having a schedule similar to Ginger Island would be a cool addition.

Another Stardew Valley player added that the worst thing about the Spa was its location. Having access to it would be good in the start when players constantly lose energy. To further strengthen the poster’s opinion, players would already have access to food, which does the same thing. Time is also wasted as players need to stay still in the water.

Others wished that they could build a bathroom within the farmhouse, similar to Harvest Moon 64, so they could regenerate their energies without needing to go so far. Another player shared that they could regenerate their energies by lying on the bed without sleeping, but this only applies in multiplayer.

Stardew Valley Spa
Spa in Stardew Valley

Meanwhile, other players shared how the spa is as “dead” as the Community Center after completing it. Basically, there are barely any events that take place in these locations. Only adding mods gives life to these locations in the game.

Despite the game being eight years old, ConcernedApe is still working on bringing fresh new content. Version 1.6 is currently in the works, and there’s no set date for its release yet. With that, players should look forward to the upcoming updates!

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