The Crew

Ubisoft’s decision to delist and shut down the servers for its online racing game, “The Crew,” has sparked a wave of reactions among the gaming community. The once-popular game, known for its ambitious open-world representation of the United States, is set to go offline in early 2024, leaving its fanbase grappling with the reality of losing access to a beloved title.

Released in 2014 and co-developed by Ivory Towers and Ubisoft Reflections, “The Crew” distinguished itself with a blend of arcade racing, MMO elements, and a sprawling open world. Its journey from an innovative release to a game facing digital extinction reflects a broader issue in the gaming industry – the impermanence of online-only games.

Players have taken to platforms like Reddit to voice their frustrations. One user lamented, “This is what I hate about always online games, why can’t we just keep playing singleplayer?” This sentiment echoes a common grievance about the inherent limitations of online-dependent games.

Another player pointed out the lack of an offline mode, noting that while “The Crew’s online architecture doesn’t allow for offline play… it STINGS when you’ve paid $60 to ‘own’ it in the first place.”

The conversation also highlighted comparisons with other titles. A gamer mentioned, “Forza Horizon 4 & 5 has a lot of the online features The Crew 1-Motorfest has, but with an optional offline mode available. So it wouldn’t have been impossible during development.”

The community’s frustration is not just about losing access but also about the preservation of gaming history. “So the first game to ever have the entire United States map as an open world is just going to vanish? No offline free-roam mode?” asked one dismayed player.

This incident highlights a growing concern in the gaming industry about the longevity of online-dependent games.

As one Reddit user succinctly put it, “Any game that requires server access to even play single player is on borrowed time. It’s total horses***.”

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