F1 esports drivers received "no communication" regarding future of competition 1

The future of F1 Esports hangs in the balance following the recent cancellation of its second event, leaving drivers and teams in a state of uncertainty and frustration.

On December 12, it became known that the 2023 F1 Sim Racing World Championship’s second event wouldn’t take place. The Championship offers an immense prize pool of $750,000, with ten teams competing for the title.

However, the sudden cancellation of the event has left many drivers, teams, and staff unaware of what the future holds for the competition.

Among those voicing their concerns is Marcel Kiefer, a driver for Williams Esports in the 2023/24 season, who recently took to Twitter to express his deep-seated disappointment and the emotional toll the situation has taken on participants.

Marcel Kiefer shared his personal journey and the significance of the sport in his life. “Many people never understood F1 Esports and what it meant for many of us. I came from a family with a poor background and I was never able to showcase my talent due to money – F1 Esports changed that and that was always my main starting motivation. Showing what I can do to one day race in real life,” Kiefer tweeted.

Kiefer acknowledged the inevitable politics and showmanship in sports but lamented the shift away from the competition’s core values. “There was always a show and politics aspect like in any sport nowadays, but it didn’t dominate the fact that at heart it was a competition. I feel like ever since a time in 2021, we are drifting more and more away from what we once were,” he added.

The driver also highlighted ongoing issues plaguing the competition, such as exploits in car physics, allegations of cheating, and inconsistencies in car setups. “All of this really makes you question as a driver, if this is what you fell in love with,” Kiefer expressed.

Kiefer’s disappointment is palpable as he discusses the impact of the recent cancellations and lack of communication on drivers’ lives. “No communication, leaving us in the dark not knowing what we are actually practicing for,” he stated, emphasizing the sacrifices many drivers make, including quitting school and straining personal relationships, to pursue their passion.

As drivers and teams grapple with the current state of affairs, the future of this once-celebrated competition remains in question, with many hoping for a resolution that honors the dedication and passion of its participants.

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