Venusaur Tera Raid Solo Build: Guide to counters & weaknesses | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Venusaur Tera Raid Solo Build: Guide to counters & weaknesses | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 1

Taking on the mighty Venusaur Tera Raid solo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet requires a specific strategy and build.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, Tera Raids present trainers with thrilling battles against Terastallized Pokémon, offering unique rewards. A special event for Pokemon Day 2024 highlights a Venusaur Tera Raid, giving trainers a rare opportunity to catch a distinctive version of this classic Pokemon with a unique Tera Type.

The focus of this guide is the Venusaur Tera Raid, a formidable challenge that has intrigued and tested many trainers. Venusaur, known for its potent Grass/Poison type, becomes even more daunting with a Ground Tera Type in this specific raid, requiring a well-thought-out counter-strategy.

Venusaur Tera Raid Solo Build: Guide to counters & weaknesses | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 2
Venusaur Tera Raid Battle (ConCon)

Venusaur Tera Raid Solo Build

Special Event: Pokemon Day 2024 Venusaur Raid

This Pokemon Day, a Venusaur with the Ground Tera Type and the Mightiest Mark appears in black crystal Tera Raid Battles, exclusively from Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 00:00 UTC to Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at 23:59 UTC.

This version of Venusaur, not normally encountered in Paldea, comes with the challenge of its unique Ground Tera Type and the prestige of the Mightiest Mark.

Venusaur Tera Raid Solo Build: Guide to counters & weaknesses | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 3
Venusaur Tera Raid event details (ConCon)

Choose your Pokemon

Despite its formidable appearance, this special Venusaur Tera Raid has a notable weakness to Grass-type moves due to its Ground Tera Type. This vulnerability opens up strategic options for trainers prepared to exploit it.

  • Type Advantage: Focus on selecting a Grass-type Pokemon to take advantage of Venusaur’s Ground Tera Type weakness. Grass-type moves are especially effective, dealing significant damage and potentially turning the tide of the battle.
  • Tera Type Strategy: If possible, changing your Pokemon’s Tera Type to Grass can further enhance the effectiveness of your Grass-type moves against Venusaur, making your attacks even more devastating.

Build and Strategy

When facing the Ground Tera Type Venusaur, a well-prepared Grass-type Pokemon can be your key to victory. Here’s how to optimize your Grass-type Pokemon for this challenge:

Held Item: Equip the Shell Bell to ensure your Pokemon recovers HP with every successful attack, a vital component for maintaining endurance throughout the solo raid.

Ability: Seek out the Bulletproof ability, which shields your Pokemon from Venusaur’s ball and bomb-type moves, including the dangerous Sludge Bomb.

Nature and Stats: An Adamant nature is recommended to increase your Pokemon’s Attack power while minimizing the less crucial Special Attack. For EVs, aim for maximum Attack and Special Defense to withstand Venusaur’s powerful hits. Distributing EVs into these stats further enhances your Pokémon’s combat efficiency.

Moves: Your Pokemon’s moveset should include Seed Bomb for reliable damage output, Spiky Shield for protection against attacks when Venusaur’s shield negates abilities, Mud-Slap to decrease Venusaur’s accuracy, and Belly Drum to drastically boost Attack at the expense of HP, setting the stage for potent Seed Bomb strikes.

Venusaur Tera Raid Solo Build: Guide to counters & weaknesses | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 4
Pokemon recommended Moves and Stats (ConCon)

Finding Venusaur in Tera Raid Battles

To participate in this special event, look for the distinctive black crystal raids scattered across the Paldea region. These raids signify the presence of the special Ground Tera Type Venusaur, beckoning trainers for a challenge. Keep an eye on your map for these black crystals, as they indicate where you can find and engage this unique Venusaur.

Raid Strategy

Here is a step-by-step strategy to help you solo defeat the 7-star Venusaur Tera Raid:

  1. Opening Strategy:
    • Mud-Slap Usage: Start the battle by using Mud-Slap three times consecutively. This initial step is crucial for reducing Venusaur’s accuracy, making its attacks more likely to miss and thereby preserving your Pokemon’s health.
  2. Defensive Measures:
    • After reducing Venusaur’s accuracy, be ready to use Spiky Shield, especially anticipating Venusaur’s counterattacks. This move is essential for protecting your Pokemon after employing Belly Drum.
  3. Attack Boost:
    • With Venusaur’s accuracy decreased, use Terastallize then Belly Drum to maximize your Pokemon’s Attack stat, setting the stage for a powerful offensive.
  4. Main Offensive:
    • Focus on delivering continuous Seed Bomb attacks. Each hit not only deals significant damage due to the Grass-type advantage but also benefits from the Shell Bell’s healing, crucial after the HP sacrifice from Belly Drum.
  5. Maintaining Advantage:
    • Continue to monitor Venusaur’s moves and adapt your strategy accordingly. If Venusaur manages to land a hit, employ Spiky Shield and Mud-Slap to mitigate damage and ensure your Pokemon’s longevity in the battle.
  6. Capture low-health Venusaur:
    • Upon reducing Venusaur to low health, proceed with the capture. You can only catch this special Venusaur once.
Venusaur Tera Raid Solo Build: Guide to counters & weaknesses | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 5
Successfully capturing Venusaur will give you these rewards (ConCon)

Successfully completing the Venusaur Tera Raid solo requires careful planning, strategic execution, and precise moves.

By following this detailed guide, trainers can exploit Venusaur’s Ground Tera Type weakness effectively, ensuring a higher success rate in capturing this unique Pokemon during the Pokemon Day 2024 event.

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