Pokemon Unite players plead for return of “accidental” bug amid EX license fix


A recent bug fix in Pokemon Unite has stirred controversy among its player base, with many calling for the return of the “accidental” feature.

Pokemon Unite, the free-to-play MOBA that pits teams of Pokemon against each other in strategic battles, has been a hit since its release. It offers a unique spin on the genre with a roster of over 50 Pokemon, appealing to fans of the franchise and MOBA enthusiasts alike. The game has been praised for its approach to gameplay, aiming to balance competitive play with accessibility for newcomers.

The controversy centers around the recent fix to an “accidental” bug involving EX Pokemon licenses, which allow players to use powerful Legendary Pokemon in ranked matches.

The bug prevented these licenses from being used in matches involving Master Rank players, leading to a more balanced competitive environment, according to some players.

This bug fix has sparked a significant backlash within the community. Players argue that including EX license in ranked matches disrupts the game’s balance, making it less enjoyable for those who prefer strategy over sheer power.

This shift has influenced the Pokemon Unite tier list, as the reintroduction of powerful EX Pokemon disrupts the previously established gameplay balance, altering perceptions of Pokemon viability and strategy.

The sentiment is captured in various social media posts, with one Reddit user highlighting the issue by posting Pokemon Unite JP’s announcement about a bug fix on EX licenses, stating, “So… that was a bug.”

The discussion was further fueled by a Pokemon Unite YouTuber named spragels, who criticized the inconsistency of banning EX Pokemon in the Unite Championship Series (UCS) but allowing them in ranked play, underscoring the community’s broader frustrations with the game’s competitive balance.

The feedback from the community has been varied but vocal. On Twitter/ X, responses to official bug fix announcements have ranged from requests to “accidentally bug it again” to outright calls for permanently removing EX Pokemon from ranked matches. One player sarcastically commented that:

byu/redillusiondive from discussion

The general consensus seems to be that the game was more enjoyable during the bug’s unintended enforcement, with many considering Season 17, where EX Pokemon were absent from Ranked play, as one of the best.

The decision to fix this bug has sparked a debate about balancing competitive play while introducing adjustments.

As the game continues to evolve, the developers face the challenge of addressing these concerns without compromising the integrity of the competitive environment.

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