Top Tips for Pokémon Go's 2024 New Year's Event 1

It’s almost time for Pokémon Go’s annual New Year’s Event, and we’re here to guide you about what’s to come in this year’s 2024 edition.

This event, running from January 1 at 10:00 AM to January 3 at 8:00 PM local time, is packed with unique features, including debuts of costumed Pokémon, festive fireworks, and special raids.

Let’s dive into the top tips to make the most of this event.

Maximize Your Egg Hatching

The event offers a significant reduction in egg hatch distance. Eggs placed in incubators during the event will have half the usual distance, and the first three eggs using the Pokémon GO Egg hatching widget will have a quarter hatch distance. This is a golden opportunity to work on your Platinum Breeder medal. Remember, these bonuses do not stack.

Tip: For iOS users, add the egg hatching widget by long-pressing on the home screen, tapping the plus icon, and selecting Pokémon GO. Android users can long-press on the home screen, select widgets, and find the Pokémon GO egg hatching widget.

Pokémon Worth Catching

Several Pokémon are making their debut or returning with festive costumes. Notably, Ribbon Jigglypuff and New Year’s Hat Hoothoot are available, and while they may not have significant meta relevance, their rarity makes them valuable catches, especially in their shiny forms.

Tip: Darumaka is also spawning more frequently, and its evolved form, Darmanitan, is a solid fire-type raid attacker. Bronzor, a rare spawn, is a powerhouse in the Little Cup, so aim for PvP IVs of 0/4/5.

Egg Hatching Rewards

The 7 km eggs are particularly enticing, featuring Pokémon like Pichu with a party hat and Togepi. Togekiss, evolved from Togepi, is a top fairy-type raid attacker and performs well in the Master League.

Tip: For those focusing on the Great League, aim for Azurill and Wynaut, both strong contenders in this category.

Raid Recommendations

The event’s raids offer a mix of Pokémon, but here are the ones worth your raid passes:

  • One-Star Raids: Look out for party hat versions of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Their evolved forms, with Community Day moves, are strong contenders in various leagues and as Mega Evolutions.
  • Three-Star Raids: Gengar with a party hat is a top priority, being the best Ghost and Poison-type raid attacker. Wobbuffet is also a good catch for the Great League.
  • Five-Star Raids: Depending on your region, Buzzwole, Xurkitree, or Pheromosa will be available. Xurkitree stands out as a strong electric-type raid attacker.

Making the Most of Spotlight Hour

While the event doesn’t offer specific XP bonuses, the Spotlight Hour on January 2 features Castform with double catch XP. Use this time to maximize XP gains, especially with lucky eggs and excellent throws.

Mega Evolution Strategy

For maximizing candy and XP, consider mega evolving a normal type like Pidgeot or Kangaskhan during the event. This will increase candy and XP gains for catching normal types like Jigglypuff and Hoothoot.

Is the Paid Timed Research Worth It?

The event offers a $1 paid Timed Research, providing encounters with event-specific Pokémon and rewards like Stardust, XP, and PokéCoins. However, given the lack of meta relevance for these Pokémon and the limited event duration, it might not be a priority for all players.

Sales and Avatar Items

Don’t miss the Darumaka Hat and the New Year’s Box in the in-game shop. The box, priced at 99 PokéCoins, includes an Incubator and a Premium Battle Pass, offering great value.

The Pokémon GO New Year’s 2024 event is a fantastic way to start the year, offering unique Pokémon, valuable bonuses, and exciting raids. By following these tips, you can maximize your experience and add some rare Pokémon to your collection. Happy hunting, and here’s to a fantastic 2024 in Pokémon GO!

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