Kecleon Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s latest secret event featuring the elusive Kecleon has left players worldwide frustrated and disappointed. The event, which was intended to be a delightful surprise, turned sour due to a significant delay in its announcement.

On Monday, December 18, 2023, Pokemon Go’s official X account tweeted about a special, unannounced event, increasing the number of Kecleon appearances at PokeStops from 5 pm to 8 pm local time.

However, the tweet, crucial for informing players, was posted far too late.

For Eastern Time zone players, the announcement came at 8 pm, precisely when the event concluded. This timing issue wasn’t just a North American problem; players in almost every time zone, including those in Australia and New Zealand, were left in the dark, with the event already over by the time they were informed.

The community’s reaction was swift and vocal. Social media platforms buzzed with comments from irate players.

One player pointed out the absurdity of the situation, saying, “Imagine tweeting about a new event when the event has ended.” Another expressed frustration more directly: “YOU COULD HAVE TOLD US THIS YESTERDAY.”

While some tried to maintain a level-headed approach, acknowledging that the social media manager might not be at fault, the consensus was clear: this was a significant oversight.

“Tweeting this out after the event has finished for over 90% of the world’s population is on them,” a player commented.

Well Done, Niantic!
byu/PJChloupek inpokemongo

The event’s global nature, confirmed by its alignment with Kecleon being #352 in the Pokédex and the event date being the 352nd day of the year, makes the late announcement even more baffling. Players worldwide were supposed to enjoy increased Kecleon spawns and special PokéStop Showcases, a feature that would have added an exciting dimension to their gameplay experience.

This incident highlights a growing concern within the Pokemon Go community about the communication strategies employed by the game’s management.

A player from outside the US voiced a common sentiment, urging for better communication: “You know people outside America also play this game. Can you please inform us early enough so NZ and Aus players are aware of these types of surprise events. Do better.”

As the dust settles on this event, it’s clear that Pokemon Go’s team has some reflecting to do on how they manage and communicate special events to their global player base. Ensuring timely and effective communication is key to keeping the spirit of fun and excitement alive in this beloved augmented reality game.

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