Miraidon in Pokemon Unite: Guide & Moves Overview

Miraidon in Pokemon Unite: Guide & Moves Overview 1

Welcome to your go-to guide for mastering Miraidon, the latest Ranged Attacker to join the Pokemon Unite battlefield. If you’re keen on harnessing the power of this Pokemon, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. 

This Pokemon Unite guide contains information about moves, strategies, and tips to make Miraidon a formidable force in your battles. From understanding Miraidon’s unique abilities to mastering its moveset, we’ve covered everything you need to dominate the field. Check out how other Pokemon are performing in our Pokemon Unite tier list.

Miraidon in Pokemon Unite: Guide & Moves Overview 2
Miraidon (Pokemon Unite)

Miraidon Guide

Miraidon is coming to Pokemon Unite as a Ranged Attacker. Miraidon is known for its high offensive capabilities and exceptional mobility, which makes it a force to be reckoned with.

Its unique ability, Hadron Engine, allows it to create an Electric Terrain upon hitting opponents with its moves, enhancing ally attacks and providing immunity to sleep while strategically affecting team goals. This high offense and mobility, coupled with the strategic depth of its Electric Terrain, make Miraidon a versatile and dynamic addition to any team looking to electrify their gameplay.

To excel with Miraidon, players should focus on positioning to make the most of its ranged attacks while strategically deploying Electric Terrain to support allies and disrupt enemies. Balancing the use of Charge Beam or Electro Drift for damage and mobility, alongside Thunder or Parabolic Charge for crowd control and healing, will be vital to leveraging Miraidon’s full potential. Effective use of its Unite Move at the right moment can secure objectives and swing team fights in your favor.

Miraidon in Pokemon Unite: Guide & Moves Overview 3
Miraidon Moves (Pokemon Unite)

Miraidon Moves Overview

Miraidon’s moveset is officially released by Pokemon Unite. Let’s delve into each move to get yourself familiar!

Ability: Hadron Engine

Hadron Engine sets Miraidon apart by creating an Electric Terrain with every successful hit on opposing Pokemon. This not only enhances attack damage for allies within the terrain but also provides immunity to sleep, alongside strengthening ally team goals and weakening opposing ones. The ability to expand the terrain using collected Aeos energy adds a layer of strategic depth, encouraging players to manage resources wisely for battlefield dominance.

Move 1: Charge Beam and Electro Drift

At level 5, Miraidon gains access to Charge Beam and Electro Drift, two pivotal moves to choose from:

Charge Beam allows Miraidon to charge up power before firing an electric beam in a designated direction. This move not only damages opponents but, upon hitting, increases Miraidon’s Sp. Atk for a short time. Successfully storing electric power twice within a short period allows for a boosted version of Charge Beam, which fires a continuous electric beam, dealing damage to opponents in its area of effect.

Electro Drift offers Miraidon mobility and offensive capabilities by allowing it to race forward while spinning, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in its path. Like Charge Beam, storing electric power enhances this move, leading to a boosted version that performs a spinning attack aimed at a designated opposing Pokemon, dealing damage to any opposing Pokemon it hits. This move’s damage increases if the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP is low, making it a potent tool for finishing off weakened opponents.

Move 2: Thunder and Parabolic Charge

As Miraidon evolves in battle, it unlocks Thunder and Parabolic Charge at level 7, each offering unique strategic benefits.

Thunder summons a cloud that slowly moves toward the nearest opposing Pokemon, dropping thunderbolts that damage and slow opponents. This move excels at crowd control and setting up team fights.

Parabolic Charge electrifies the area around Miraidon, dealing damage and applying a slowing effect to opposing Pokemon. Successful hits not only recover HP for Miraidon but also restore stored uses of either Charge Beam or Electro Drift, making it crucial for sustaining in skirmishes and maximizing offensive capabilities.

Unite Move: Bright Future Meteor Storm

Bright Future Meteor Storm, Miraidon’s Unite Move, epitomizes its role as a game-changer. This move calls down a series of increasingly powerful meteorites, culminating in a final strike that deals extensive damage over a wide area, perfect for decisive moments in battle.

Miraidon Moves Video Overview

Here is a video showcasing Miraidon’s Moveset in Pokemon Unite:

Miraidon Release Date

Miraidon is set to release on February 27, 2024 at 04:00 UTC in Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Unite has officially released the 1.14 patch notes, where, along with Miraidon, there are a few buffs, nerfs, bug fixes, and new events.

By understanding and leveraging Miraidon’s high offensive capabilities, exceptional mobility, and unique moves, players can dominate the Pokemon Unite battlefield. Miraidon offers a thrilling playstyle that rewards strategic play and precise execution, making it an electrifying addition to the game.

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