Pokemon Squirtle Showcase

Pokemon Go’s PokeStop Showcases are causing a stir among players, with many feeling the feature is being underutilized and lacking creativity.

PokeStop Showcases, a feature that highlights specific Pokemon during events, has recently come under scrutiny from the Pokemon Go community. A player recently voiced their concerns on Reddit, pointing out that the showcases seem to be limited to just the “biggest size” of a Pokemon.

They lamented the lack of variety and creativity, suggesting that Niantic could have implemented more diverse categories such as “biggest/smallest both size and weight,” “highest/lowest appraisal,” and even “most km walked.”

This sentiment was echoed by many in the community, who feel that the feature was hastily added and then abandoned. The player’s post also humorously questioned why Niantic, with its vast team, hasn’t been able to capitalize on the potential of the showcases.

Recent changes announced by Niantic have only added fuel to the fire. Niantic has made significant alterations to the upcoming PokeStop Showcases. For instance, the creature of interest for the first round of PokeStop Showcases was changed from Pumpkaboo to Smoliv. This seemingly minor change has left many trainers disappointed, especially those who had been eagerly awaiting the Pumpkaboo Spotlight Hour.

The community’s main gripe is the lack of communication and explanation from Niantic regarding these changes. Many trainers had been collecting specific Pokemon in anticipation of these showcases, and the sudden alterations have left them feeling their efforts were in vain.

While Niantic’s intentions with the PokeStop Showcases might have been good, it’s clear they have some work to do to win back the trust of their dedicated player base.

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