Scan Pokestops in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s Scan Pokestops task is raising eyebrows and privacy concerns among players.

The task, which requires players to scan real-life environments to enhance the game’s AR mapping, has been criticized for being intrusive and, for some, downright uncomfortable.

The feature, aimed at improving Niantic’s augmented reality technology, demands that players be at least level 20 and have a compatible device.

However, its necessity to film locations, especially those as sensitive as children’s parks, has sparked a debate over privacy and appropriateness.

Players have taken to online forums to express their dissatisfaction, with one Reddit user voicing their frustration about the repetitive nature of the task and the awkwardness of filming in public places.

“I’m not walking around filming neighborhood kids’ parks let alone as an adult male,” the user lamented, calling for the ability to opt-out of receiving such tasks. This sentiment is echoed across the community, with many feeling uneasy about the potential for misunderstanding when scanning public spaces.

Despite the backlash, some players have sought workarounds, sharing tips and tricks on how to avoid or minimize the impact of these tasks.

One player suggests keeping one scan task at the top of your research queue to prevent new ones from appearing, while another humorously advises intentionally submitting low-quality scans to eventually stop receiving the task altogether.

byu/Wildest12 from discussion

“Do such a bad job of something that you’ll never be asked to do it again,” shared another player, highlighting a creative, if not slightly mischievous, approach to the issue.

Niantic has put in place privacy measures for the scans, such as anonymization and blurring recognizable features, but this has done little to quell players’ concerns. The feature, which also offers the benefit of powering up Pokestops for enhanced rewards, remains controversial.

The task’s intention to create accurate, dynamic 3-D maps for an improved gaming experience is clear, but the execution has left some players feeling more alienated than engaged.

As the conversation continues, it remains to be seen how Niantic will address these concerns and whether a compromise or alternative solution can be found to satisfy both the company’s technological ambitions and the community’s comfort.

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