Elusive Galarian trio sparks Master Ball speculation in Pokemon Go community 1

Galarian Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres, renowned for their elusive nature in Pokémon Go, have players speculating that the introduction of the Master Ball may have been designed specifically for them. The frustration and astonishment surrounding these elusive legendaries have heated up discussions among the game’s community.


  • The elusive Galarian Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres are the focus of a heated discussion.
  • Players speculate that the Master Ball was introduced to capture these elusive creatures.
  • Frustration abounds as even daily incense fails to spawn these creatures for many players.

Players have taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations and share their experiences about trying to capture these elusive Pokémon. User AnxJames started the conversation, asking if anyone had managed to catch one of the ‘stupid chickens’ without a Master Ball. This question ignited a thread filled with tales of luck, frustration, and speculation.

Some players like MrTomDawson, who managed to catch all three legendary birds, shared their secret technique: ‘Golden razz, ultra ball, rain on screen so you fuck up the throw and don’t even score a “Nice!”‘. Others, like Cookielicous, shared tales of friends catching Zapdos with regular poke balls and regular curved throws – much to their chagrin. Yet some, like Thugenomics69, still haven’t encountered the legendaries at all.

These Pokémon, introduced in July 2022, have remained an elusive chase for most players. Their appearance is tied to the use of Daily Adventure Incense, offering a mere 15-minute window each day for potential encounters. To make matters worse, the capture rates are abysmally low. Players face a daunting 3% capture rate against the Pokémon’s 90% escape rate, making the Master Ball almost a requirement for these legendary catches.

Currently, the Master Ball is available for free through the ‘Let’s Go! Special Research’ introduced in Season 10: Rising Heroes. However, there is growing concern among the players about the future availability of the Master Ball. Will it be available through free events, or will it eventually be hidden behind a paywall, as players fear?

As the debate continues, the hunt for these elusive legendary birds also goes on. Only time will tell how this part of the Pokémon Go adventure unfolds.

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