Payday 3 players slam new Syntax Error DLC pricing as "daylight robbery" 1

In the world of virtual heists, the real steal might just be happening in the gamers’ wallets.

Few things stir up a community like the pricing of new content. The latest uproar comes from the “Payday 3” community, where players are voicing their displeasure over the pricing of the new “Syntax Error” DLC.

The entire package, which includes a Heist, Weapon Pack, and Tailor Pack, is priced at $18, or can be purchased separately with the Heist alone costing $9.99.

Players have taken to various platforms to express their dissatisfaction. On Reddit, one user commented, “10 bucks for one heist? lol, they haven’t earned that yet – I’d pay $10 max for this whole thing combined.”

Another added, “Yeah way overpriced. Especially when we take into account the actual state of the game and the launch. They’ve barely started to recover from their catastrophic launch, and barely started to build confidence back in the playerbase. And they pull these kind of prices. Even if Payday 3 had the best launch in history it would be a tall ask.”

YouTubers have also weighed in on the DLC. One reviewer, Red Archer Live, noted that while the heist itself is “excellent,” the pricing is a “very hard sell.”

They pointed out that the heist adds depth to the game and praised its mechanics, especially in stealth mode. However, they also highlighted that the $10 price tag for the heist alone is steep, especially considering the game’s troubled launch.

The Kknowley, another YouTuber echoed these sentiments, stating that the heist is “pretty good” but not among the best in Payday 3. They criticized the map layout, particularly in the basement level, and described the loud escape as “probably the worst Escape in Payday 3.”

The weapon pack received more favorable reviews, with the FSA 12 gauge shotgun and the WAR 45 SMG being highlights. However, the overall sentiment was that the pricing for the DLC components is too high.

This backlash comes in the wake of Payday 3’s rocky launch, which was plagued by server and matchmaking issues, an always-online requirement, and various gameplay and UI concerns. Starbreeze CEO Tobias Sjogren issued a formal apology, acknowledging the infrastructure problems and expressing regret that the game did not meet players’ expectations at launch.

The pricing of the “Syntax Error” DLC for Payday 3 has clearly struck a nerve with the gaming community.

While the content itself may add value to the game, many feel that the cost is not justified, especially given the game’s initial shortcomings. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how Starbreeze will respond to this latest wave of criticism.

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