Vixy: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 1

Are you ready to discover and capture one of the most versatile and valuable Pals early in your journey? Let me introduce you to Vixy, a Neutral type Pal that’s not just adorable but incredibly useful for your base building and leveling up.

Stick around, and I’ll guide you through finding and catching this elusive fox-like Pal, which will be a game-changer for your Palworld experience.

How to Find and Catch Vixy in Palworld

Vixy, resembling a fox, is a Neutral type Pal known for its resource-gathering prowess. This little Pal is a treasure trove for players focusing on base building and upgrading their level. Its unique Partner Skill “Dig Here!” enables it to unearth various items, making it a must-have in your Pal arsenal.

Where to Find Vixy in Palworld

Vixy: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 2
Here’s where you’ll find plenty of Vixy in Palworld

Vixy can be found all throughout the heatmap shown in the image above. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to catch a Vixy in Palworld, so you can simply fast-travel to any nearby location and then start searching Vixy.

When you arrive there, keep your eyes peeled for Vixy, who might be playfully scampering around. They might be a bit skittish, so approach them with a bit of stealth and strategy.

How to Catch Vixy in Palworld

Catching Vixy can be tricky since it’s a bit shy and tends to avoid combat. To successfully capture it, you’ll need to employ some stealth. Sneak up on Vixy and use stun weapons to prevent it from fleeing. Remember, Vixy is fragile, so be gentle. Chip away at its health with lower-level Pals and use stronger Pal Spheres for an effective capture.

Vixy’s Abilities

Vixy boasts a balanced mix of melee and shot attack, defense, and high work speed. It’s equipped with active skills like Air Cannon, Sand Blast, and Power Shot, each with its own power, cooldown, and range. For gathering and farming, Vixy has level 1 skills in both categories. When defeated, Vixy drops useful items like Leather and Bone.

To fully utilize Vixy’s skills, especially its “Dig Here!” ability, assign it to a Ranch in your base. This will enable Vixy to continuously dig up valuable items like Pal Spheres, which are essential for capturing more Pals. As you level up and expand your base, consider having multiple Vixies to enhance your resource collection.

Vixy is not just a cute face in Palworld; it’s a resource-gathering powerhouse. With its unique abilities and skills, it’s a valuable companion for both beginners and seasoned players. So, sneak, stun, and capture this elusive Pal to make your Palworld journey more rewarding and efficient.

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