Palworld's "unexpected" grappling gun elevator trick leaves devs in awe 1

A player discovered an ingenious way to use the grappling gun as an elevator in Palworld, and even the game’s developers have been left in awe.

Palworld had been around for a few weeks now on both Steam and Xbox. It is Pocketpair’s take on action-adventure, open-world, and monster-taming. There are many activities for players, such as exploring the world, capturing various Pals, engaging in combat inside Towers and against Alpha Pals, and building their own bases.

Since many structures are available in the current version of the game, players get to building. Many players have enjoyed creating unique spaces, from cozy houses to factory-looking bases where their Pals work.

Some players may build normally, such as using stairs to reach their second floor. Other players discover unique ways of improving their base, such as creating an imitation of an elevator. Elevators do not exist or are not a feature in the current version of Palworld. They were able to achieve this through the use of a grappling gun.

In the clip, the player showed a part of their base, which seemed normal at first. They then stood on an Ironwood Low Table and aimed their grappling gun outside the window. As they shot the grappling gun, they were able to slide up the wall and reach the upper level.

There was another version of the grappling gun elevator where the player used a Wall Lamp to grab onto. This was less smooth than the current build they have since they sometimes get stuck.

The player also shared how they were able to come up with the elevator build. They stated that they used the grappling gun a lot to maneuver, and that’s when they got the idea of sliding up the walls.

This unique usage of the grappling gun even garnered the attention of Palworld themselves. As they stated: “Well… That was unexpected… They built an elevator.”

Many players were amazed by the use of the grappling gun and wished for an elevator to be added in future Palworld updates. Since the clip caught the attention of not only the players but also Palworld, there may be a chance that an elevator could be implemented.

Players should keep watch and stay updated with the constant updates that Palworld works on. Check out the February 6 patch notes released for Palworld!

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