Does Palworld have STAB bonus? Same-type attack bonus explained 1

Palworld has a game-changing mechanic that can give players a strategic edge in battles — yet many players are likely unaware of its existence.

Just like in Pokemon, Palworld players can benefit from the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB), which grants a small bonus to a move’s attack power if the Pal using it shares the move’s elemental type.

This Palworld guide will explain how same-type attack bonus (STAB) works.

Does Palworld have STAB bonus? Same-type attack bonus explained 2
Palworld type-effectiveness chart (mastersmash)

Same-type Attack Bonus (STAB)

In Palworld, there are a total of nine element Types that a Pal may possess. This includes Electric, Water, Ground, Grass, Fire, Ice, Dragon, Dark, and Neutral. Types are extremely important as they show which attacks would be the most effective against Pals (e.g. Electric is effective against Water). It would also remind you of the type your Pal would be weak against (e.g. Fire is weak to Water).

Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) enables Pals to receive a slight bonus when using an attack if the Pal shares the same type or element as the move. For example, if a Fire-type Pal uses a Fire attack against an enemy, they would deal additional damage thanks to STAB.

Not all players notice the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) the first time they play, but the Palworld community did observe and confirm its existence in the game. User mastersmash provided more details regarding the types and same-type attack bonus (STAB):

In Palworld, the community has determined that the bonus dealt when using an attack that matches the type of a Pal is approximately 20%.

Besides the additional damage dealt due to Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB), players should also note that the Pal would also have the upper hand in terms of defense. This allows a more strategic take in battling Pals, especially against alpha Pals and tower boss fights.

Some players might simplify things by stating that Fire-type Pals are the best, given their advantage against Grass and Ice types. However, this oversimplification neglects Pals like Penking, who possesses two types, specifically Water and Ice. It’s ultimately down to analyzing the enemy that the player is going up against and using the best type against it to exploit its weakness.

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