Simple Palworld mouse trick makes it easier to move inventory and heavy objects 1

A Japanese VR Gamer has discovered a mouse trick that lets you move the maximum number of materials from one chest to another without filling your inventory.

Among the biggest pains of playing Palworld is transferring materials from one place to another. With a single wood log taking up three inventory spaces, building bigger structures or moving to another base may be more encumbering than expected. 

This is probably why a Japanese VR Gamer, makeUmove, garnered more than 1.6 million views on a video introducing a trick for moving the maximum number of items from one chest to another. 

In the video, the player simply drags the item out of one chest and continues dragging it to another chest. It took no longer than 5 seconds to move 9999 wood (which takes up to 30,000 inventory space), which the original poster remarked was “too heavy for my character to carry.”

One repost details that players should “press tab key while holding the item (wood)” to transport the materials successfully. 

Many Palworld players expressed delight in this mouse trick that improves the game’s quality of life and base building. 

Simple Palworld mouse trick makes it easier to move inventory and heavy objects 2

Reposts of the video also shared other inventory glitches and tricks to Palworld. One player noted that when your character cannot move due to over-encumbrance, you can simply hold on to the heavy items with your cursor, and your character should be able to move as normal. 

With this Palworld trick, you wouldn’t have to spend hours transferring your much-needed resources from one place to another! 

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