Palworld teases fans with the promise of more Tower Bosses ahead 1

Palworld is set to introduce additional Tower Bosses, promising more challenges and excitement for players.

Palworld players worldwide have been enjoying exploring the world, catching various Pals with their Pal Spheres, and setting up their bases. While they explore the game, they are bound to come across the Towers. The first tower that they could enter was the Rayne Syndicate Tower, protected by Zoe and Grizzbolt.

Entering and fighting the Tower Bosses is definitely challenging, and players must make sure that they are prepared. They should ensure that they have the proper weapons, shields, headwear, and Pals to go up against them. Fighting and defeating these Tower Bosses makes the grind more satisfying, and players want more of it.

In a recent tweet, Palworld devs revealed that there will be additional Tower Bosses in addition to the five current ones. As they stated, this will be added to future game updates.

Many players are expressing their opinions about the reveal. The majority of players mentioned the unintended glitch that allowed players to catch the Tower Bosses using their Pal Spheres and called for its return as a permanent feature.

As fun as the current game mechanics are, there are still ways that Palworld could improve. Many players have expressed that they wish to have more story or lore connected to the NPCs and bosses, as well as more music. These would make the experience more immersive.

One player stated, “I’m pretty early, but given the success of the game, I hope the quality of story/NPCs/cutscenes increases as the game is worked on, plus I assume more music will be added outside combat.”

While many were looking forward to the new Tower Bosses, there were still those who wished that the developers would focus on gameplay improvements. They wanted optimization on base building, and some reported bugs they had encountered.

With the exciting announcement, players are looking forward to the addition of the new Tower Bosses. Many hope that dialogues will be added when players first encounter these bosses and after they have been defeated. These are definitely things to look out for in future updates!

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