Palworld players warned not to use popular item due to serious capture glitch 1

Palworld is facing a serious glitch with the “Memory Reset Drug” item, impacting players’ ability to capture creatures effectively.

Palworld, a game blending survival and creature-capture mechanics, recently warned players against using the “Memory Reset Drug.” This item, intended to reset character stats, has been found to permanently reduce players’ capture power, a key aspect of the game’s mechanics.

This glitch adds to a string of technical issues plaguing the game since its launch. Despite its commercial success, Palworld has encountered several bugs affecting player experience, including server problems and lost save data. The game’s developer, Pocketpair, is currently inundated with over 50,000 support inquiries, highlighting the magnitude of these issues.

The developers have acknowledged these challenges and are actively working on fixes. They’ve provided guidance for recovering singleplayer and co-op save data and advised players to avoid using the “Memory Reset Drug” until a solution is implemented. This issue has significantly impacted gameplay, as the drug inadvertently reduces the number of creatures players can capture, a core feature of Palworld.

Despite these setbacks, Palworld’s launch has been noteworthy. Described as ‘Pok√©mon with guns,’ it quickly went viral, selling over four million units shortly after release and setting records on platforms like Steam and Xbox. This success underscores the game’s potential and the high expectations of its player base.

As the developers race to resolve these technical problems, they urge players to stay updated through the game’s official channels, including their Discord server. This proactive approach aims to reassure players and address the issues that have marred an otherwise stellar launch.

For Palworld fans, the hope is that these fixes will soon restore the game to its full, captivating potential, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in this unique gaming world.

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