Palworld players stunned over easy 'repair all' tip hiding in plain sight 1

As players continue to play Palworld, they’re discovering new things. A player just found out that they’ve been repairing things the hard way when there is a simple trick to use instead.

In a continuously developing game like Palworld, players are bound to find things they have not come across before. One player took to Reddit to share that they had been playing the game for more than 100 hours before finding out a repair trick.

As players wear out their equipment and weapons when mining, chopping trees, and in combat, they must repair them to maintain their effectiveness. They may go to the Repair Bench and repair the items one by one, but a more efficient way is to press R to repair all their items.

Other players also shared the same experience, as they only figured out the trick after reading about it through this Reddit post. Another player stated: “After 130 hours, I’ve only discovered this now through your post.”

Another comment stated that the button information is on the screen, but it seemed invisible in their view as their attention was focused on something else. They added that they may not be used to having these types of features as they are used to requesting it from developers for years before they are officially added in other games.

Another Reddit user shared: “I only learned about fast stacking from a YouTube vid lol.” This goes to show that despite putting plenty of hours into a game, one can still learn something new that would help them.

Palworld players stunned over easy 'repair all' tip hiding in plain sight 2
Repair all confirmation window (Weebsaika)

Other comments shared that players should be mindful when using this trick, advising players to ensure they possess an ample supply of materials for repairing all their equipment and weapons. If not, the confirmation screen would not pop up and would result in players needing to do it manually and individually.

The community also shared that players may fast stack from their inventories to their storage by pressing R. Another handy trick for Palworld players so they don’t need to drag items one by one!

With Palworld still in development, more features are set to be implemented in the future meaning there will always be new discoveries for players as time goes by.

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