Palworld players furious over “forced” censorship in latest update


Palworld’s latest update has introduced “forced” censorship and has sparked significant backlash among its community.

Palworld, the acclaimed action-adventure and monster-taming game by Pocket Pair, has garnered a massive following for its expansive open world and deep gameplay mechanics.

Yet, a recent update has introduced “forced” censorship, automatically censoring certain player-generated content with asterisks, including names and words. This change, which affects single-player and private-server modes, was not detailed in the patch notes, leading to surprise and frustration among players.

This unexpected censorship has ignited a debate within the Palworld community about maintaining a respectful environment and respecting player freedoms.

One Reddit user highlighted the lack of transparency from the developers, stating that this censorship was not included in the patch notes, which underlines the sudden addition of this in the latest update.

Players desire more control over censorship settings, emphasizing that such features should be customizable, particularly in single-player and private servers. A common sentiment is that adult players should not be subject to blanket censorship policies impacting their gaming experience.

One player suggested that the censorship should be configurable on or off for single-player and dedicated/ private servers. Players should also be able to add and remove words from the censorship dictionary. This calls for more flexibility in how the game handles potentially offensive language.

Amidst the feedback, players have shared instances of how the censorship has altered their gameplay experience, often with a sense of loss for the personal touches they had added to their game. The community’s frustration also extends to the humor and personality that now feel restricted.

One notable comment from a player captures the essence of the discontent: “Please tell me there’s a way to shut off word censorship in the server settings or something.”

This sentiment reflects a broader desire for options that allow players to tailor their experience to their preferences, especially in environments where their choices do not affect others.

The controversy surrounding “forced” censorship in Palworld is a critical reminder of the delicate balance developers must strike between fostering a respectful community and ensuring individual freedom within their games.

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