Palworld players facepalm after realizing they’ve been hoarding items for no reason

Palworld players facepalm after realizing they've been hoarding items for no reason 1

Palworld players are stunned after only just now realizing that some items aren’t required for crafting.

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world creature-collecting game developed by Pocketpair that offers players an intriguing mix of exploration and base building. The game became popular on its early-access release last January, allowing players to explore its vast world and encounter many of the Pals.

In the game, players need materials to craft useful items. These include weapons, tools, furniture, clothing, and more. There’s even a butcher knife, which does dark things with Pals.

Naturally, Palworld players wanted to keep a good amount of materials so they could readily make tech when needed. While hoarding different items, they might be unable to track what they are used for.

A Palworld player shared on Reddit the list of items they realized weren’t required in crafting. Due to their large amount, it can be concluded that they had been hoarding them. These included the following items: Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Precious Dragon Stone, Precious Plume, Precious Pelt, Precious Claw, Precious Entrails, and Sapphire.

All of these items have high prices, with 6250 being the lowest. These items include the description “Can be sold to a merchant for a high price,” indicating their primary use. These can’t be used to craft any items.

Another Palworld player shared their experience in other games, stating that they’ve been burned a few times by selling similar items, and it turned out that they were useful in the late game. This could explain the hoarding of such items.

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Other players were in a similar boat as the original poster. They had been saving all of these items, thinking that they’d be using them in crafting. Another added that the game is about to receive a lot of new content, so they were certain some of these items would be needed in crafting in the future.

Nothing is certain in future updates for Palworld about whether these items will get additional use besides selling them. Speaking of selling, do check out the best items to sell for profit here on Level Push!

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