Palworld players demand "obvious" quality-of-life upgrades in extensive wishlist 1

Palworld players have developed a wish list of several game changes and quality-of-life upgrades they hope to see in the game’s future developments. 

Palworld may be the biggest story of a successful launch in recent memory, with up to 19 million players on Steam and Xbox two weeks later. As the game remains in early access, most of its massive player base is clamoring for more.

After accruing one of the highest one-week sales figures on Steam, the Palworld hype seems to have reached its peak after losing more than half of its concurrent players by its fourth week. However, this doesn’t mean that Pocketpair’s biggest release is a one-hit wonder, as Palworld players seem to be waiting for further additions to the game. 

Pocketpair recently teased future expansions of the game, including more tower bosses and possible map expansions and additions. Palworld players on Reddit also came up with a wish list of further additions and system changes in the game. 

Palworld players wish for Pal preset teams and more building options

While most of the items on the list are building and base-related features, some also wish for significant gameplay changes, such as letting players condense Pals even if they haven’t reached the total needed count. 

We’ve listed some of the most notable wishes on the Reddit thread that we also wish we could have in our Palworld run-throughs!

Corner Roofs – If you enjoy building your base, whether it be as lavish as making a Pal Palace or just a functional house, you’re probably growing frustrated with several building parts not lining up. Corner roofs are on top of the list for cosmetic upgrades for the game. 

Palworld players demand "obvious" quality-of-life upgrades in extensive wishlist 2

Bigger Base Range – Regardless of whether you have 15 Chikipis roaming your base or 20 Alpha Pals cramped in your area, most Palworld players agree that the base range is too small for a growing community of hard-working Pals. Players wish for the ability to expand their base along with their base level or other means. 

Upgrading building materials – Isn’t it frustrating to destroy your wooden walls and foundations one by one only to rebuild them again to a stone or metal version? (Bonus points if you can’t line up the building the way it used to.) 

Preset Pal teams – One player’s comment on the Reddit post wishes for the ability to “Let me assign my five mining pals together for one-click assembly at the Palbox.” And we agree, wouldn’t it be better if you could have a preset party against Victor and Shadowbeak when you want to revisit tower bosses?

Palworld players demand "obvious" quality-of-life upgrades in extensive wishlist 3

Set Pals as “Favorite” – When attempting to breed the best Pal, it may be tedious for some to go through pages of all Frostallion Nocts or Anubis searching for the one with the perfect stats and skills. While favoritism is surely frowned upon, some Pals are just better than others. (Don’t let them hear it.) 

Character Appearance Editor – This feature is guaranteed to appear in future updates, as the character customization prompts suggest that a future editor for already existing characters and players will be applied in the future. 

Allow pals to move from production to storage – Among the most tedious tasks in Palworld is moving Ingot or Carbon Fiber from furnace to storage. Moreover, when these heavy items are almost impossible for the player to carry (except for some tricks.) Letting Pals transport from production to storage will seriously expedite processes in the base!

Palworld players demand "obvious" quality-of-life upgrades in extensive wishlist 4

Breeding farm menu – Palworld players also wish for a feature to simply choose your Pals on the base or in your Palbox for breeding. This might be less romantic than letting the two parental figures meet for the first time in the breeding farm, but it will surely be more efficient on the Players’ side. 

These additions surely barely scratch the surface of the future updates we’re waiting for. But one thing’s for sure, we’re in for a treat for future updates from Pocketpair now that Palworld is a guaranteed hit. 

Do you have any other wishes for Palworld’s next patches? Let us know in the comments below!

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