Palworld player proposes simple solution to end "pick up and toss" base chaos 1

Palworld players have been enjoying the base building and seeing their Pals at work, but many are demanding a solution to improve the “pick up and toss” chaos.

Palworld has been around since January of this year, catching the attention of many players around the world. The game features open-world exploration, where players can catch Pals, fight Tower Bosses and Alpha Pals, and build their own bases.

Palworld players wasted no time building their bases and exploring the various technologies available in the game. At first, they would need to manually build the structures by pressing a key. As they level up their Palbox, however, they are able to put more Pals to work at their bases to aid them.

It is fun and enjoyable, especially in the beginning, but players soon encounter an issue with the Pal work assignments. It can be quite frustrating to see your Pal with a level 4 Kindling working on other tasks, such as Transporting. This is why a Reddit user suggested a Pal Facility Assignment feature in the game.

They have expressed that they have been enjoying the game, but the “pick up and toss” method of making Pals work can be tedious. They stated that it is time-consuming to find a specific Pal within their base so they could be picked up and brought to the correct workstation.

In addition, it’s quite hard to place them on the correct workstation due to some of the larger Pals’ bigger hitboxes. They also expressed that it can be difficult to pick up smaller Pals when there are larger ones nearby.

The player suggested that there should be a Pal Facility Assignment, which allows Pals to prioritize a certain workstation instead of randomly picking up tasks. They created the image using software, and it is currently not a mod or feature in the game.

Palworld Pal Facility Assignment
Pal Facility Assignment mock-up (Ructstewd)

Other players also shared the same struggles and frustrations, with one stating, “Chasing down Jetragons is making me wanna quit lol”. Some commented on ways to work around this, such as putting the Pal back into the Palbox and placing them back onto the base, but it is still difficult.

One Palworld player shared that base optimization was the reason why they stopped playing the game. They stated that the proposed Pal Facility Assignment would entice them to play the game again.

As fun as the game currently is, there are things that the developers could implement to make things more organized.

Future updates may bring new features that would make base building and management a better experience. There are more things to look forward to, such as the announcement of the addition of new Tower Bosses which have been teased by developers already.

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