Palworld player one-shots Tower Bosses and Alpha Pals with crazy build 1

Palworld fans are finding ways to inflict massive damage on enemy Pals and bosses and now one player has managed to deal maximum damage, one-shotting everything he comes across.

There are many activities that players may do in Palworld, one of which is battling Alpha Pals and Tower Bosses. In response to this, players are also finding ways to boost their damage and lessen the time it takes to defeat them.

YouTuber Moxsy demonstrated how they were able to 1-shot these Pals and Tower Bosses. This all seems an amazing thing to achieve, but he had warned that there is a bit of a grind before others may achieve the same results.

Palworld player one-shots Jetragon
Moxsy defeated Jetragon in one-shot with 24,243 damage

In his video, he explained that he collected a lot of Gobfins as they possess the partner skill Angry Shark which boosts the player’s attack power whenever they are in the party. It must also have the passive skill Vanguard to gain an additional 10% player attack.

He also included the different mounts, accessories, and weapons, which took his damage to the next level. For mounts, he used Pals such as Chillet for dragon damage and Azurobe for water damage. He also grinded dungeons for the Attack Pendant to further increase his damage.

As for his weapon, it took him four to five days of battling Jetragons to acquire a Legendary Rocket Launcher. Altering the number of Alpha spawning in a location to three allowed him to get it at a faster rate compared to one at a time, which consumes much more time.

Many players have expressed their excitement over this build. A player in the comments stated: “Alright, now I gotta get back into Palworld after seeing the first 10 seconds.”

Another user shared their sentiment: “I can’t wait for the devs to balance this game out. I highly doubt they intended for players to literally 1 shot their most powerful Pal.” It may seem that things are getting out of hand but Moxsy’s strategy does take a lot of grinding and planning to achieve such damage.

One user also commented that Moxsy changed some world settings which allowed him to get the results much faster. They stated that this was borderline cheating and made the grind a bit worthless.

Nonetheless, the high damage is truly eye-catching and makes players want to achieve the same results. Of course, doing it without any world alterations would be extremely satisfying!

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