Palworld player discovers "tower defense" strategy for easy XP and boss kills 1

A creative Palworld player has unveiled a new strategy to farm boss kills and experience points by transforming the game into a tower defense challenge.

In Palworld, XP means power, and you’ll do everything and anything to escalate your and your Pal’s levels quickly. One of the best ways to rapidly increase your XP in the game is to repeatedly defeat multiple Alpha Field Bosses, especially when trying to level up a freshly hatched Pal. 

However, some players may find waiting for Alpha Field Bosses and Dungeon challenges to respawn to be time-consuming. Thankfully, a Palworld player discovered a way to gain boss kills, XP rewards, and loot drops more efficiently. 

In a post on Reddit, a player shares that “Palworld is secretly a tower defense game.” By placing a Palbox within the vicinity of an Alpha Field Boss, the Pals working on that base will continuously fight the wild Pals once it respawns.

Some fellow Palworld players replied that they thought building a base near the bosses was impossible. However, others remarked that with the Palbox sitting safely away from the boss but with the range of the base still relatively near the boss, the “tower defense mechanic” is possible. 

How to build a base in Palworld near Alpha Field Bosses for XP

Here’s how you could turn your next Palworld base into a “tower defense game.”

First, you should choose a boss with a relatively free space you can work on near or surrounding them. The original poster chose the shoreline beside the Lv. 45 Jormuntide near the Ravine Grotto region. However, with all the Alpha Field Bosses in Palworld, you have many other options for a Pal that could be the nemesis of your next base. 

Palworld player discovers "tower defense" strategy for easy XP and boss kills 2
Mossanda Lux Lv. 31 Alpha Field Boss (MapGenie)

Other Palworld Alpha Field Bosses you could use this trick with include Lv. 23 Broncherry near Sea Breeze Archipelago for early level. More advanced players can also try this with the Lv. 31 Mossanda Lux or even the powerful Lv. 47 Anubis in the smaller desert area. 

Keep in mind that you will have to find the sweet spot near the Alpha Field Bosses. You may have to lure these nefarious Pals towards your base to trigger the raids and for your beloved Pals to protect your base. 

With the number of tricks, glitches, and mechanics Palworld players discover in this record-breaking game, it seems like there are unlimited ways to enjoy Palworld! 

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