Palworld player discovers creative way to reset Pal skill cooldown time 1

A Palworld player has discovered a neat method to reset their Pal’s skill cooldown time for unlimited attacks on a Mossanda Lux!

In Palworld, players may choose to mount their Pals and be able to control the attacks. After each attack, however, players will be faced with cooldowns. This could lead to them and their Pals taking damage.

In this trick, players first launch the attack they want to use. After completing the attack, they need to head into the Party tab and drop the specific Pal. Once dropped, the player needs to pick up the sphere again if it does not automatically do so.

This was shared in a tweet by @palworld_news, showing a video clip from Prizzaa Gaming Channel. The clip showed how Prizzaa was able to defeat the Mossanda Lux using this technique.

Another X user @HolyDog0816 shared that other players may pick up the dropped Pal in a multiplayer server.

Other players in the comment section of Prizzaa’s video also stated: “It’s all fun and games until you somehow get killed before you pick up the sphere.”

Another YouTube comment by TheKadirovstas stated: “After this video I think they are going to fix it.”

As handy as the technique is, players would still need to proceed with caution with the stated concerns with using it. They also need to be aware of their own health bars when executing this, as well as other players to avoid picking up the dropped Pal sphere.

It can still be quite time consuming doing the steps in dropping, picking up the sphere, and mounting the Pal again. Ultimately, it is up to the players whether they wish to try out this method or just continue with the conventional route of waiting for the cooldown to reset!

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