Direhowl in Palworld

A Palworld player has achieved a groundbreaking feat, breeding a Direhowl with unprecedented speed.

In Palworld, players are already pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Recently, a player shared a clip of a Direhowl racing through the game with astonishing speed. This achievement has left the community both stunned and inspired.

The secret to this Direhowl’s lightning pace lies in its unique passives: Swift, Runner, and Nimble, collectively increasing its movement speed by a staggering 60%.

Additionally, the Lucky passive adds a 15% boost to attack and work speed. The result? A Direhowl so fast that nothing else can keep up.

The player’s clip includes a time trial-like race around the world and it’s doubtful that anyone can match the insane speed of this player’s Direhowl just days after the game’s official launch.

Yet, one player pointed out that this might not even be the Direhowl’s ultimate speed capability. They suggested an alternative passive combination, including the elusive ‘Legend’ passive, which could potentially push the Direhowl’s speed even further.

So, how did this player breed such a remarkable creature?

The process, as shared by the player, involves building a breeding farm, capturing Pals with desired traits, and using cake in the breeding process.

byu/DaD_Maiden from discussion

The goal is to pass these traits onto the offspring, sometimes even resulting in new, unexpected traits. This cycle of selective breeding ultimately led to the creation of this record-breaking Direhowl.

The sky’s the limit in Palworld, and this ultrafast Direhowl is a thrilling example of what can be achieved with dedication and creativity.

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