Palworld player's perfectly balanced Pal masters art of being "useless" 1

A Palworld player bred a Pal with perfectly balanced passive skills, mastering the art of being “useless.

Palworld continues to amuse players as they explore the world. Although the game is only a few weeks old, many still find new things to do. One such activity is breeding Pals in different combinations to see the outcome.

Currently, there are 138 Pals that players can either catch or breed. Catching Pals would provide players with random skills. On the other hand, they could choose to breed, allowing them some control over these stats.

A player shared on Reddit that they could breed a Pal with some good passive skills. While each of the skills may have some value, having them together results in a useless Pal.

The player bred a Penking, which could have been an exciting event. The only downside was the passive skills that the Pal possesses.

The Pal had the following passive skills: Musclehead (+30% Attack, -50% Work Speed), Work Slave (-30% Attack, +30% Work Speed), Artisan (+50% Work Speed), Slacker (-30% Work Speed).

These passive skills cancel one another out. This build resulted in a total of 0% Attack and 0% Work Speed. The player was highly frustrated with the outcome, which led to him nicknaming the Penking as “useless.”

Palworld's penking
“Useless” the Penking (Cayxx)

Due to having these passive skills together, there seems to be no hope or future for the Penking in combat or working at the player’s base.

A Reddit user shared: “2 choices… Mr. Middle Management can either go to the condenser for the greater good, or have a meeting with the cleaver.”

Despite everything, the Penking continues to pose proudly. All the Pals in Palworld, whatever their passive skills, have their uses. The choice is ultimately in the player’s hands, whether they would like to keep the Pal or use them to strengthen another.

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