Palworld PvP: Everything We Know So Far 1

Palworld, the new multiplayer monster-collecting survival game that took the world by storm, has a peachy future ahead of it including the introduction of PvP.

Thanks to the game’s incredible popularity, Pocketpair, the developer, revealed a roadmap to Palworld’s upcoming updates on Twitter, with PvP, Raid Bosses, Pal Arena, Steam-Xbox Crossplay, and more coming in the foreseeable future.

Although Pocketpair’s announcement is exciting, it doesn’t reveal much about what players can expect with Palworld’s PvP mode.

Thankfully, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe clarified some things about it in an exclusive interview with Japan-based gaming news company Automaton. 

Why Did Palworld Not Release with PvP?

According to Automaton’s report, Mizobe mentioned that they intend to mesh Palworld’s PvP and PvE elements together so that nothing goes against the game’s basic premises and that it is more than just “players beating each other up.”

Mizobe noted that making PvP and PvE elements work together in the same game is “a hard path to take,” and that it means creating a game with significant limitations in game design.

For instance, the kind of fast travel option players expect in a PvE game wouldn’t work in a PvP one, making including fast travel in Palworld, a game with both PvP and PvE, difficult to do.

As such, Pocketpair had to rush to make last-minute adjustments to remove Palworld’s PvP before release, as evidenced by some inconsistencies remaining in its design – something that the game developer intends to address in the future.

What Can Players Expect in Palworld’s PvP?

Mizobe acknowledged that Palworld would have fierce competition when it eventually gets its PvP element back. As such, they intend to give players a good reason for them to play and keep on playing Palworld in PvP.

“Of course, using Pals you caught in battle is one unique point, but only games that give players a good reason to play can survive in the long term,” Mizobe said. “In this sense, I think it’s a very harsh territory. This is why PocketPair is not very optimistic about PvP.” 

As such, players can expect Palworld’s PvP to take the form of a competition format in an arena-like setting or where players can freely compete with each other in the entire game in real-time.

For the former, Mizobe is considering implementing real-time action battles with a twist: the addition of an asynchronous battle pattern in which pals fight each other automatically while players attack one another. 

The PVP in the arena-like setting could also have a format in which pals are registered in the arena and users can freely fight each other, which allows for a more casual experience.

However, the Pocketpair CEO admits that there are several technical details to be discussed, and as such, everything about Palworld’s PvP is still all under consideration.

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