Palworld player catches Jormuntide with "big brain" Fortnite and ARK trick 1

A Palworld player successfully captured Jormuntide using a clever strategy inspired by Fortnite and ARK: Survival Evolved.

Palworld is an action-adventure, open-world, monster-taming game by the developer Pocketpair. The players can explore the world as freely as they want. They will then encounter Pals of different types and Tower Bosses. Alpha Pals can easily be spotted during exploration, as their name and HP bar are displayed on the screen.

Many players wish to catch these Alpha Pals with their Pal Spheres, as they are instrumental in combat. Not only that, but many of these Pals are helpful in bases due to their high Work Suitability levels.

Building structures are used mainly for protecting the bases players have set up, but a player discovered a unique way to utilize it. The player shared a clip on Reddit showing how they caught the Level 45 Jormuntide, one of the Alpha Pals you’ll encounter later in the game.

The player already built the base of the building and only needed to complete the sides. They had to dodge the incoming attacks of the Jormuntide effectively to avoid dying and dropping all of their items. It seemed like they weren’t panicking and were carefully executing their plan to capture the Alpha Pal.

In the clip, the player built a box-like structure with two excess walls on the upper floor. The excess walls are there to lock the Jormuntide on top of the building. They lured the Alpha Pal as they went inside the building, completing the structure by putting the final wall. Surely enough, the Alpha Pal stuck their head through the roof of the tiny box!

Jormontide stuck
Jormuntide peeking inside the player’s tiny room (Lofus1989)

The player then equipped their Pumpgun to deal damage to the Jormuntide. They did this until there was only a little HP left so they could catch it. Afterward, they simply disassembled one of the walls and threw their Pal Sphere to the Pal. It took at least four to five tries before they successfully caught the Pal.

Building structures for combat purposes reminds players of games like Fortnite. It is also reminiscent of ARK: Survival Evolved, as there are guides on how to build a taming trap, which uses buildings. One example of one of the traps in ARK:

Another player thought other players could use this strategy in PVP if it comes in a future update. They stated that this seems like Fortnite all over again. Others suggested just using Fire Pals in case this strategy is used, especially if they utilize wood structures.

This trick is helpful for those who struggle with dodging or are just annoyed whenever their Pals end up dealing the death blow on these Alpha Pals. If you’re looking for more unique ways to catch Alpha Pals, read how a glitch makes it easy to catch a Jetragon!

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