Mammorest Palworld

In Palworld, one group’s creative strategy to defeat a formidable Mammorest has garnered praise from the game’s developers.

In Palworld, defeating the massive Mammorest can be a daunting task, especially at the very beginning of the game. However, one group of players shared an innovative approach that quickly turned heads.

Facing a Level 38 Mammorest with their attacks barely scratching the surface, they devised an unorthodox yet effective plan.

The strategy involved surrounding the Mammorest with a ring of 20 campfires, exploiting its vulnerability to fire.

“This boss was WAY higher level then us, we were only doing 1 dmg per hit. He was vulnerable to fire though, so we had a thought…. what if we had 20 campfires around when we fought him? This is the result of that crazy idea,” explained the player in their post.

The official Palworld account on X couldn’t hold back their praise, sharing the clip and tweeting, “You guys came up with a genius way to fight Mammorest!”

The community also expressed admiration for this clever use of game mechanics. Questions about the strategy’s setup were met with responses highlighting the ease and quickness of the setup.

The Mammorest, a formidable Grass-type elemental in Palworld, is a sought-after creature for its utility in mining and lumbering. Known for inhabiting various regions of the game’s map, it poses a challenge to capture due to its strength. As a Grass-type, its weakness to fire attacks becomes a crucial detail for strategizing players.

Palworld players are continually developing new and exciting in-game strategies. The ability to incorporate environmental elements like campfires into combat strategies not only showcases player creativity but also highlights the depth and flexibility of Palworld’s gameplay.

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