Palworld's new glitch lets players skyrocket XP with simple trick 1

A newly discovered infinite XP glitch in the latest game update is leaving players rapidly leveling up.

In the world of Palworld, a new glitch is changing the landscape for players, especially those on dedicated servers. The glitch, detailed by a user named Karmic_Hazard, offers a way to gain infinite experience points (XP) through a simple building manipulation.

This glitch, accessible early in the game, provides a significant advantage for leveling up. While players can adjust settings for better XP, this method is particularly useful on dedicated servers where such adjustments aren’t possible. The process involves placing and dismantling specific building structures, like walls and foundations, in a particular sequence.

The trick centers around building three foundations and walls, topped with a roof. Players then manipulate stairs and additional foundations to set up the glitch. By placing a wall that doesn’t actually build but registers as a construction attempt, players gain XP each time. The materials drop to the ground, ready to be collected and reused, turning this into an infinite cycle.

The method not only offers a way to quickly level up but also highlights some early access quirks of Palworld. The game, still in its developmental stages, has these small gaps that players are cleverly exploiting. This isn’t the first time gamers have found creative ways to bend the rules in their favor, but it’s particularly noteworthy due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

In addition to the first glitch, there’s another glitch to gain infinite XP. This involves traveling to a specific location on the map, gaining a wanted level, and then using the ‘instant capture’ glitch to acquire massive amounts of XP, reportedly in the millions. The method requires precise execution and timing but promises an equally rewarding payoff in terms of XP gain.

Once you have a wanted level, head to the PIDF Tower, which is located in the sandy area of the map. Once at the location, players must engage with the enemies or police in the area. The key is to proceed towards a tower nearby without mounting a vehicle, as it’s close enough to reach on foot. Inside the tower, the “capture method” comes into play.

The trick is to make sure the boss inside the tower activates a fire attack, hitting several enemies. This causes the enemies to become aggressive towards the boss. Players then throw a spear, and if done correctly, they are rewarded with a staggering 2 million XP.

Players have reported hearing unusual sounds while picking up the large quantities of materials generated by this glitch. It adds a humorous element to an already intriguing discovery. While some might argue that such exploits detract from the intended game experience, others see it as a way to maximize their gameplay, especially when competing on servers where advanced players dominate.

For those interested in trying out these glitches, it’s important to note that game developers often patch such exploits in subsequent updates. Hence, there’s a possibility that these methods might not work in the future.

Additionally, players should be aware of any potential risks, including the impact on their overall gaming experience and the possibility of corrective actions from game developers.

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  1. That’s funny you make an article about it. I figured this out within 20 minutes of release and I can replicate it anywhere in the map and do it to where all the materials fall on you so you don’t ever even have to move