Lamball: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 1

Are you on the quest to find and catch the adorable Lamball in Palworld? Well, you’re in luck!

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the ins and outs of tracking down and capturing this fluffy Pal. Let’s dive into this woolly world!

How to Find and Catch Lamball

Lamball, a small, sheep-like creature with brown skin and white wool, is a sight to behold. Its innocent appearance, complete with yellow horns and two crystals on its chest, makes it a favorite among Palworld players. But beyond its looks, this Pal has some interesting abilities and utilities that make it a worthy catch.

Where to Find Lamball in Palworld

Lamball: Where to Find and How to Catch in Palworld 2
Lamball location in Palworld

To locate Lamball, you don’t have to venture far. Found in the starter islands, Lamball likes to graze in herds, making it relatively easy to spot. As you come off the mountain in the game’s beginning area, keep your eyes peeled around the lower terrains.

If you’re starting from the Plateau of Beginnings, simply head down to the indicated area on the heatmap above. You’ll likely find groups of 3-4 Lamball leisurely roaming around.

How to Catch Lamball in Palworld

Catching a Lamball is a straightforward process. Once you’ve spotted your target, remember to weaken it first. You can use a variety of weapons, but be cautious not to reduce its health to zero.

When the Lamball is sufficiently weakened, aim your Pal Sphere at it. It might take a few tries, but patience is key here. Remember, sneaking up from behind increases your catch rate significantly!

Lamball’s Abilities in Palworld

Lamball isn’t just a cute face; it’s quite the handy Pal. Known for its Fluffy Shield partner skill, Lamball can equip to the player and act as a shield. It also drops Wool when assigned to a Ranch.

Its active skills include Roly Poly, Air Cannon, Power Shot, Implode, Electric Ball, Power Bomb, and Pal Blast at different levels, making it a versatile companion.

In summary, finding and catching Lamball in Palworld is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. With its unique abilities and easy-to-find location, Lamball is an excellent Pal for both beginners and experienced players.

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