Palworld: How to Join a Guild 1

Are you looking to team up with other players in Palworld?

Joining a guild is a fantastic way to collaborate, share resources, and enjoy the game together. If you’re not sure how to go about it, don’t worry! I’ve got a straightforward guide to help you join a guild and make the most of your Palworld experience.

Joining a Guild in Palworld: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Find a Player: The first step is to locate another player with whom you want to team up. This player will be the guild leader whose base and resources you’ll share.

2. Approach the Player: Once you’ve found the player, approach their character in the game.

Palworld: How to Join a Guild 2
Simply approach the player and hold down the corresponding key to join their Guild (Gamers Heroes)

3. Initiate the Guild Joining Process: To join their guild, simply hold down the ‘X’ key (or the corresponding key on your platform). This action will make you a co-op partner in their guild.

4. Consideration Before Joining: Here’s a crucial tip – if your potential guild partner has already built a significant base and accumulated resources, it’s wise to join their guild. This way, you get to use all the existing facilities. However, if they join your guild instead, all their constructed items and collected resources remain with their original guild. This means you could miss out on utilizing these assets.

5. Early Stage Flexibility: If both of you are just starting in the game, it doesn’t really matter who joins whom. In this scenario, either of you can become a guild member, and you can build your base and resources together.

6. Loss of Assets Warning: Be mindful that if someone has established their base and they join your guild, they will lose their base and potentially their pals. So, make your decision wisely!

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide on how to join a Guild in Palworld? Check out Gamers Heroes video below.

Joining a guild in Palworld is all about collaboration and making the most of shared resources. Just remember to join the guild of the player who has the most developed base to take full advantage of their hard work!

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