Palworld: How to Get Pal Fluids 1

Today, I’m going to make your life a whole lot easier by guiding you on how to get Pal Fluids efficiently in Palworld.

This is a must-know for anyone looking to advance in the game, and the good news is, it’s pretty straightforward once you know where to go and what to do.

How to Find and Collect Pal Fluids

Locating Water Creatures for Pal Fluids

Palworld: How to Get Pal Fluids 2
The Ravine Entrance is an excellent location for farming Pal Fluids (Teachers Game Too)

1. Use Fast Travel To Get Near Water: Begin by using your fast travel ability to get close to large bodies of water. Avoid areas near cliffs as creature spawns are less frequent there.

2. Find the Right Creatures: Look for water creatures, which are easily spotted near large bodies of water. These creatures often have a water symbol above their heads, indicating they will drop Pal Fluids upon defeat.

Gathering Pal Fluids

1. Defeating Water Creatures: Once you find these creatures, engage and defeat them. Each time you defeat one, you’ll obtain Pal Fluids. Simple, right?

2. Capturing vs. Killing: You have the option to either kill these creatures for Pal Fluids or capture them. Capturing might be more beneficial as you can also sell the captured Pals for profit. So, keep those low-level cryo balls handy!

3. Other Creatures: Various water creatures drop Pal Fluids. The type of creatures you’ll encounter depends on the specific area you’re exploring.

Palworld: How to Get Pal Fluids 3
You can catch Pals too! (Teachers Game Too)

Ideal Locations for Farming Pal Fluids

  • Early Areas: A great spot for beginners is near your starting area, where you’ll find plenty of penguins.
  • Ravine Entrance: For a bit more variety, head over to the Ravine entrance. You’ll find creatures like Kelpsea in shallower waters here.
  • Coastlines: Coastlines are excellent for farming Pal Fluids. You can walk along the coast and encounter multiple creatures with water abilities.

Tips for Efficient Farming

  • Stay Loaded: Make sure your weapon is always loaded and ready for action.
  • Dodge and Shoot: Learn to anticipate and dodge attacks from these creatures. It’s a simple pattern: they back up before attacking, so dodge and counter-attack.
  • Catch Rate: Even with a low catch percentage, it’s possible to capture these creatures. Persistence is key!

Gathering Pal Fluids in Palworld is essential for progressing and enhancing your gameplay.

By focusing on water creatures near large bodies of water, using your fast travel wisely, and choosing between capturing or defeating these creatures, you’ll stock up on Pal Fluids in no time.

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