Palworld: How to Find Wheat Seeds 1

Planting Wheat Seeds is a crucial aspect of your survival especially in the early game of Palworld. Wheat Seeds are essential for a variety of food crafting recipes, making them a must-have for any player looking to sustain their character and Pals efficiently.

If you’ve been wandering the vast world of Palworld wondering where to get these seeds, do not worry! I’ve got you covered with a simple, straightforward guide to help you stock up on Wheat Seeds with ease.

Finding Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Wheat Seeds are essential for you to craft different food recipes. In this guide, I will show you where you can get these seeds and start planting them to have sufficient food for your survival in Palworld.

Locate the Wandering Merchant to Purchase Wheat Seeds

Palworld: How to Find Wheat Seeds 2
You can fast travel to a Small Settlement in Palworld (MonkeyKingHero)

1. Fast Travel to a Small Settlement: Fast travel to a nearby small settlement. This is a key location where you’ll find the Wandering Merchant.

2. Finding the Wandering Merchant: Once you’re in the settlement, look out for a Wandering Merchant. These merchants are crucial to your quest as they sell Wheat Seeds.

Palworld: How to Find Wheat Seeds 3
You can purchase Wheat Seeds from the Wandering Merchant in Palworld (MonkeyKingHero)

3. Purchasing Wheat Seeds: Once you have located the merchant, you should interact with him. You can buy Wheat Seeds for 100 Gold each. It’s recommended to buy at least three seeds to start your Wheat Plantation. Additionally, the merchant might have other useful materials that could come in handy for your adventure.

Palworld: How to Find Wheat Seeds 4
You can purchase Wheat Seeds for 100 Gold in Palworld (MonkeyKingHero)

Use Wheat Seeds to Build Your Wheat Farm

Once you have the Wheat Seeds, you can now return to your base to start to plant them but first, you’ll need the Wheat Plantation. Building a Wheat Plantation requires 3 Wheat Seeds, 35 Wood, and 35 Stone. Note that you need extra Wheat Seeds to plant after crafting the plantation.

Once you have built the Wheat Plantation, you can now start planting the seeds. Remember, growing wheat is a bit more time-consuming than other crops like berries, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Video Guide

For more information about how to find Wheat Seeds in Palworld check out the below video by MonkeyKingHero.

Wheat farming is a game-changer in Palworld, offering a reliable food source for you and your Pals. With this guide, finding and purchasing wheat seeds is a breeze. Happy farming and may your crops flourish!

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