Palworld: How to Find and Use Skill Fruits 1

Ever stumbled upon those fruits dangling from the trees in the vast world of Palworld? Those are Skill Fruits, magical treats that can significantly boost your gameplay.

If you’re looking to give your Pals some new, powerful abilities in Palworld, then stick around as I delve into the world of Skill Fruits, how to find them, and use them to your advantage.

Find and Use Skill Fruits in Palworld

What are Skill Fruits?

Skill Fruits are special items found in Palworld that add new abilities to your Pals. These fruits are not just lying around; they grow on trees scattered across the world. Each tree usually bears three fruits, each offering a unique skill. The skills vary from Grass Tornado to Frost Missile and Ice Blade, with differing cooldown times and power levels which can be seen in the details of each fruit.

Skill Fruits on a Tree
There are three Skill Fruits per tree (ConCon)

How to Find Skill Trees

To find these trees, you’ll need a bit of guidance. Thankfully, there’s a handy resource called Map Genie, an online tool that can help you locate these skill trees.

Once you’re on Map Genie, search for Skill Fruits and click on Skill Fruits. There are a total of 18 Skill Fruits along the whole map. Zoom into the map and match the locations to your in-game map to find the trees. When you’re close, the trees are quite noticeable, standing out with their unique appearance.

Palworld Skill Fruits in Interactive Map
There are a total of 18 Skill Fruits in the map (ConCon)

How to Apply Skills to your Pals

Once you’ve got your hands on a Skill Fruit, using it is straightforward. First, open your inventory and find the fruit you want to use for your Pal. Right-click on the fruit and ensure the Pal you want to teach the skill to is in your party. It’s interesting to note that you’re not limited by types – you can teach a Grass-type move to an Ice-type Pal if you wish.

After selecting the fruit, head over to your party and click on the Pal you’ve chosen. If your Pal has an empty skill slot, the new skill will be automatically learned. If not, you’ll need to swap out one of the existing skills. Simply left-click on the skill you want to replace and choose the new one. Remember, you can always remove a skill if needed.

Using Skill Fruits to Pals
Skills are not automatically learned if there is no open slot (ConCon)

Understanding the Elemental System

While teaching skills, remember that Palworld has an elemental system. To find this, click escape key on your keyboard. Click on Survival Guide and look for Elements.

Certain elements are stronger or weaker against others. For example, Grass is weak against Fire. This system allows for strategic gameplay, where you can equip Pals with moves that counter their weaknesses.

Palworld: How to Find and Use Skill Fruits 2

Video Guide

For a video guide about where to find Skill Fruits, here’s a video guide from ConCon on everything you need to know about Skill Fruits.

With Skill Fruits, your Pals can become more versatile and powerful, making your adventures in Palworld even more exciting. Remember to check the elemental matchups and plan your skill assignments accordingly. Happy adventuring!

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