Palworld: How to Feed Your Pals 1

Are you wondering how to keep your Pals well-fed and happy in Palworld?

In this guide, you’ll learn the essentials of feeding your Pals to ensure they’re always in top shape for your adventures.

How to Feed Pals in Palworld: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Understand the Importance of Feeding: Your Pals can get hungry, especially if you’re progressing slowly in the game. It’s crucial to feed them to keep them healthy and efficient, whether they’re helping at your base or accompanying you on your journey.

2. Reach Level 4: Before you can start feeding your Pals, you need to hit level 4 in the game. This can be achieved by upgrading your base, gathering materials, and crafting items. As you level up, you’ll unlock the ability to build a feed box.

Palworld: How to Feed Your Pals 2
The Feed Box is available at Level 4 in Palworld (Gamers Heroes)

3. Construct a Feed Box: Once you reach level 4, it’s time to build your feed box. This is where your Pals will eat from. The location of the feed box isn’t critical, but placing it near the beds could be a convenient option.

Palworld: How to Feed Your Pals 3
Putting the Feed Box next to the beds could be a good option (Gamers Heroes)

4. Stock the Feed Box with Food: Your Pals eat the same food as you do in Palworld. You can place various food items in the feed box. While there are bonuses for higher quality foods, as a beginner, you can start with basic food items.

Palworld: How to Feed Your Pals 4
Your Pals will eat the same food that you do in Palworld (Gamers Heroes)

5. Monitor Your Pals’ Hunger: Keep an eye on your Pals’ hunger levels. A well-fed Pal is a happy and productive companion in your Palworld adventures. Make sure to regularly check and refill the feed box.

6. Explore Advanced Feeding Options: As you progress in the game, you’ll encounter options for higher quality foods that provide bonuses. Keep an eye out for future guides on advanced feeding techniques as you delve deeper into Palworld.

7. Enjoy a Happy Pal Life: With your Pals well-fed, you can enjoy exploring, building, and battling in Palworld with your energetic and loyal companions by your side!

Video Guide

Looking for a video guide on how to feed your Pals in Palworld? Check out the Gamers Heroes video guide below.

Feeding your Pals in Palworld is an essential aspect of the game, ensuring they stay healthy and active. Start with basic foods, and as you progress, explore more advanced options.

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