Palworld: How to Cure Depressed and Sick Pals 1

Are your Pals feeling under the weather or a bit blue? Don’t worry; I’ve got the perfect guide to get them back on their feet (or paws) in no time.

Keep reading to learn how to cure your Pals’ ailments effectively and efficiently in Palworld.

How to Heal Your Pals in Palworld

Palworld: How to Cure Depressed and Sick Pals 2
These Pals are dealing with sprains, fractures, and depression (Cjthecheesedj)

1. Identify the Ailment: First, take note of your Pals’ conditions. They might be suffering from fractures, sprains, depression, or other issues. You can see these ailments in the top right corner of your screen.

2. Use the Pal Box: A simple method is to leave your sick or depressed Pals in your Pal Box for a while. They’ll gradually recover over time.

Palworld: How to Cure Depressed and Sick Pals 3
Use a Medicine Bench to speed up the healing process (Cjthecheesedj)

3. Craft Medical Supplies: For a faster recovery, use a Medicine Bench. There are three tiers of Medicine Benches, each allowing you to produce different types of medicine.

  • Low-Grade Medical Supplies: Treat weakened and depressed Pals.
  • Medical Supplies: Effective for ulcers and fractures.
  • High-Grade Medical Supplies: Ideal for colds and sprains.
Palworld: How to Cure Depressed and Sick Pals 4
It’s possible to heal Pals using High-Grade Medical Supplies (Cjthecheesedj)

Each type requires specific ingredients like ingots, horns, and bones, which can be bought from traders or crafted.

How to Give Medicine to Pals in Palworld

1. Administer the Medicine: Approach the Pal with the ailment and open your menu to feed them the appropriate medical supplies. For instance, use High-Grade Medical Supplies for depression and Low-Grade Medical Supplies for sprains.

Palworld: How to Cure Depressed and Sick Pals 5
Head on over to your Pals to administer the medicine (Cjthecheesedj)

2. Monitor Their Recovery: After administering the medicine, your Pals should show immediate improvement. Their ailments will disappear from the status screen.

3. Alternative Methods: If crafting or buying medicine isn’t your style, just keep the Pals in the Pal Box a bit longer, and they should recover naturally.

The Role of Pal Medicine Creators

In Palworld, some Pals specialize in creating medicine. Assign these Pals to the Medicine Workbench to streamline the healing process. This approach is particularly useful if you find yourself frequently needing medical supplies.

Buying vs. Crafting

Depending on your play style and resources, you might prefer buying medical components or the medical supplies directly from traders. This method is more straightforward but may cost you more in-game currency.

Video Guide

For a complete guide on how to cure depressed and sick Pals in Palworld see Cjthecheesedj’s video below.

Remember, a healthy Pal is a happy Pal! With these tips, you’ll ensure your Pals are always ready for the next adventure in Palworld.

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