Palworld: How to Catch Pals and Increase Catch Rate 1

Are you struggling to capture your Pals in Palworld? Sometimes, it feels like no matter how hard you try, those spheres just keep bouncing back, right? Well, don’t worry!

Today, I’m going to share some insider tips to increase your chances of catching Pals in Palworld. If you’re ready to up your game and master the art of capturing Pals, let’s go!

How to Catch Pals in Palworld

It’s easy to catch a Pal in Palworld. But first, make sure that you have a Pal Sphere. Pal Spheres are craftable through the workbench, but you need the Pal Shere Recipe. This can be easily unlocked in the Technology tab. Once done, craft a Pal Sphere using 1 Paldium Fragment, 5 Wood, and 5 Stone. Once all of this is out of the way, you can now start to explore the wild to catch a Pal.

Locate a Pal you want to catch: First in Pal catching, you need to find a Pal that you want to catch. Once you have a Pal in sight that you want to catch, you should weaken the Pal.

Weaken the Pal: To do this, you can use any weapon like a bow, a gun, or even your own fist but be careful not to overdo it since you might accidentally send the Pal to 0 health and there is now no way to catch the Pal.

Throw the Pal Sphere: Make sure to aim the Pal Sphere at the Pal. Sometimes, it will take a few tries before you can catch it, but patience is the key.

How to Increase the Catch Rate of Pals in Palworld

Capturing Pals in Palworld is an art, and like any art, it requires a bit of technique and know-how. The key to success lies in understanding the nuances of the game’s capturing mechanics and using the right tools and strategies.

1. Position at the Back of the Pal: The first trick to a successful capture is getting behind the Pal you wanna capture. This increases your chances significantly compared to a frontal approach. If you’re facing the Pal head-on, your capture rate might be a low 41%, but sneak up behind them, and you could see a jump to 61%! This is because there is a back bonus rate when catching Pals.

Back Bonus Rate Palworld
Catching Pals from behind their back gives bonus Catch Rate (LaserBolt)

2. Lower Their Health, Raise Your Chances: A Pal with lower health is easier to capture. If you see a capture rate of 33%, try to decrease the Pal’s health (without defeating it, of course). Use a melee weapon like a pickaxe or a bat but be careful not to overdo it.

3. Try to Stun the Pal: Crafting a stun baton can be a game-changer. Stunning a Pal significantly increases your chances of capturing it.

4. Level Up Your Statue: Many players overlook the importance of enhancing the player status, specifically the capture rate for Pals. By increasing this, you improve your overall chances of successful captures. This can be leveled up quite easily, so don’t miss out on this crucial step.

Palworld: How to Catch Pals and Increase Catch Rate 2
Enhance Statue to increase Capture Power (LaserBolt)

5. Choose the Right Sphere: There are six types of spheres in Palworld, each suited for Pals of different levels.

  • Pal Sphere (Blue): Best for level 1-9 Pals.
  • Mega Sphere (Green): Ideal for level 10-19 Pals.
  • Giga Sphere (Yellow): Effective for level 20-29 Pals.
  • Hyper Sphere (Red): Suitable for level 30-39 Pals.
  • Ultra Sphere (Pink): Meant for level 40-49 Pals.
  • Legendary Sphere (Purple): The go-to for level 50 Pals.
Palworld: How to Catch Pals and Increase Catch Rate 3
Different Pal Spheres in Palworld (LaserBolt)

Each sphere is more effective for a specific range of levels, so choosing the right one for the right Pal is crucial.

6. Know Your Pal’s Level: Pay attention to the level of the Pal you’re trying to capture. Using a sphere that matches the Pal’s level increases your success rate.

By following these strategies, you’ll be capturing Pals left and right with much more efficiency. Remember, it’s all about using the right technique and tools for the job. So go ahead, give these tips a try and see how much easier capturing Pals becomes!

Video Guide

Prefer a video guide? Visit LaserBolt’s thorough discussion of Pal Spheres and how you can use those to increase your chances of catching a Pal.

In conclusion, capturing Pals in Palworld isn’t just about throwing spheres randomly. It’s a strategic process that involves positioning, health management, stunning, leveling up your stats, and choosing the right sphere. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Pal capturing master in no time!

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